Top 10 Best Bobbleheads and Perk Magazines in Fallout 4 (With Locations) #PumaCounts

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Hey guys, back with another Fallout 4 Countdown video and today, I figured I would go over some of what I think are among the Best Bobbleheads and Perk Magazines are in Fallout 4! I’ll also be going over the locations of each, so if you’re looking for the items i’m talking about, you should be able to find them.

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  1. Michael Brown

    How did you get your hands on a M16 in that game

  2. bigred77

    Walked into the building and the gunner had a fat man 😂dude that’s wicked

  3. Random Doom Channel

    Science bobblehead is useless, just exit the terminal at 3 guesses

  4. John B.

    Last fallout game I played was 3 when I was a kid. Just got into fallout 4 now and I can’t dislike it. The biggest problem is the dialogue. I think the early games when action and combat was limited, the dialogue was actually like a mini game within the game but in 4 that’s lost.

    However building settlements and bringing the wasteland to some life was very cool compared to 3

  5. Andrew Abilez

    Bruh that’s true novice terminals are hell to me but master terminals are so much easier.

  6. n1mand

    Hakkingbubblehead is useless….quikksave before hak and you are fine, or leave the terminal after 3 wrong guesses and try again.

  7. Beach


  8. Andrew Leah

    You don’t even need to hack the terminal in Olivia. The key is in the last room where the radroaches are just after getting the locket pertaining to the Abernathy Farm settlement quest.

  9. Nick Alonzo

    Be nice if DLC items were mentioned in the location areas… very misleading

  10. Autotec20

    the science bobblehead gives me an extra guess?
    with Nick's companion perk and maxed out Hacker, I can be mindless when hacking!!

  11. Rabbit TeaPot

    I absolutely loath hacking lol I’m just terrible at it

  12. Bill Cox

    I didn't take any of the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. bobbleheads until I got the corresponding stat to 10. I now have a base of 11 on five of my stats. I just need to get agility and luck to 10 each.

  13. Jak carn

    Without time stamp and proper explanation this video is useless

  14. Wabbit Wu

    Man I’ve wish I had played this game back than I’m new to the franchise and the game is so much fun

  15. GermanSpy

    I use the wasteland survival I'm not On survival But I cook meat from hunting and it gives a few xp

  16. Dallas Dan Digital Productions

    @:50 #10 Repair Bobblehead
    @ 1:44 #9 Total Hack #1
    @ 3:09 #8 Science Bobblehead
    @ 4:34 #7 SCAV issue #2
    @ 5:32 #6 Lock Picking Bobblehead, Tumbler Today perk mag
    @ 7:50 #5 Wasteland Survival Guide #9
    @ 8:46 #4 Sneak Bobblehead, Covert Ops mag #1
    @ 12:10 #3 Youre Special Book
    @ 14:09 #2 SCAV issue #5
    @ 15:50 #1 Explosives Bobblehead and SCAV issue #4

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