Titan Fitness Equipment Regrets| Exercise equipment reviews

Titan Fitness Equipment Regrets| Exercise equipment reviews
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Titan Fitness Equipment Regrets| Exercise equipment reviews

Titan Fitness Equipment Regrets | Exercise equipment reviews

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Barbell Row | Titan Fitness

Struggling to find a simple explanation of basic movements or looking for a quick refresher?

Follow our very own Jonathan Holliday as he brings you back to the basics. We hope to educate you on a variety movements using Titan Fitness equipment so that you can make the most out of your workout 🙌

Let us know in the comments what movements you want to see next ⬇️⬇️
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  1. Natural Joe

    I’ve found buying from Titan to be just like buying from Harbor Frieght. A majority of their products are not made to stand up to regular use, but there a couple things that are solid and simple enough to not have to worry about. I have a 5’ axle bar from Titan and for a beater bar, it’s ample, much like some 6-ton jackstands from HF- not pretty but it gets the job done.

  2. carpejkdiem

    It's always sad when we/people invest and regret it. Hurts financially and emotionally. Rrr! Sorry you had these issues but that said thanks for sharing = caring. I feel your frustration brother. Thats some b.s.

  3. Jerry Morals

    Glad You put this out.Sorry for Your inconvenient Puechase.I am an Iron worker so I have the means to build alot of that Myself so I do understand Your concerns.I look at Welds the Moment I Buy.Shame on Them for such Crap!!

  4. Hormones Matter

    Definitely not in love with their hacksquat

  5. Jeff Baiocco

    After wasting 5 min on this video I understand why you only have 5K subs. Your wife must have the patience of Job.

  6. jrock 1975

    Great video I have that multi grip bar mine turned out pretty good but I wouldn’t buy it again

  7. bugginyaear

    I just ordered the multi barbell V2 and received it within 2 days. Looked really good, one small scratch, maybe one tiny metal shard inside. Used it once and was impressed. Really happy with it so far. The next day, they went on sale and it was discounted by $16. I reached out to them to give them feedback and the customer service offered 300 points onto my account which i thought was really dope.
    I also have their safety squat bar which was a steal at the time apparently, as price increased by $80 since then.

  8. jureno27

    Glad I didn't buy any of these but did buy the multrigrip barbell v2

  9. Michael R

    I got a really good deal from a friend who has cancer. Sold me his all rogue weight set for 2k. Now I'm a brand whore. When he gets better and it's all done with I told him he can workout at my place whenever. 💪

  10. Dr. Jay

    I needed this, legit they sent me a pair of midsized dumbells with the wrong sleeves and I'm still waiting on them to replace it. I would never buy a rack from them just due to fear of it collapsing. Their quality control department must be all seniors. Update, they claim they delivered my replacement dumbbells when there is none in sight. The fun journey with titan continues. Now I know why Alan Thrall despises this company.

  11. SAVAGE & I

    I have a variety of cast iron weight plates and they all slide easily on to the Titan Multi-Grip Bar.

  12. Kainotto

    Their quality has gotten so much better since you shot this video. Their new multi grip V2 is awesome, they fixed all the things you hate about it. Obviously most people probably hated the same thing about it.
    Titans products haven't let me down yet.

  13. SooCaal X

    Is workout equipment…… I didn't know shit gotta look pretty when we pump iron.

  14. GoGoZebras

    Man that multigrip bar is garbage. I found your channel at the right time. Thanks for this video.

  15. Tkrebs1

    Sucks that they are so inconsistent. Only problem I've ever had was a hardware box for a rack got "lost in the mail". However, they sent another box immediately and the post office found the other. So I ended up with 2 sets of j-cups and twice the hardware. If you want quality U.S. made equipment check out http://www.armassassinstrengthshop.com. Lucas prices his equipment reasonably and will make custom anything as long as he's not slammed. His shop reopens 1/1/21 as he's been getting bombarded since black Friday. 3"×4" saxon bar quality made for $125 plus shipping, for example. Stay strong

  16. Shiwaku Seven

    I own a Titan Fitness loading pin and a Titan Fitness landmine handle. Neither have the problems yours have. I have the cambered version of the Titan Fitness multi-grip bar, which I am also happy with. Perhaps, you got bad ones. However, I am happy with mine. I own a lot of Titan Fitness products that I am happy with. I particularly recommend the Titan Fitness 100 lb rubber tread slam ball, which is excellent to do slam ball bench presses to exhaustion with, and the Titan Fitness swing bags, which are like Suples Bulgarian bags, but much cheaper.

  17. S 2the even

    Titan has really stepped it up this year

  18. Ewolf5150

    Classic case of you get what you pay for. Buy nice or buy twice..

  19. JB

    Good video. What watch/band is that? Looks great

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