Tips to Prepare for Pregnancy Diabetes Test | Oral Glucose Challenge Test – Dr. Poornima Murthy

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The screening test for gestational diabetes is oral glucose challenge test and here the way it is done is the patient can come nay time to the hospital, irrespective of the last meal, irrespective of the time of the last meal, irrespective of teh type of diet she has taken before, she will be given 75 grams of glucose. After taking 75 grams of glucose, her blood sugars will be tested after 2 hours and the cut off for this is 140 mg per decilitre. Anything above 140 mg per decilitre indicates gestational diabetes. The glucose challenge test is a very simple and easy test to detect gestational diabetes. It is a very simple tests as in the patient need not fast and the pregnant patients if they are kept fasting or a long time they keep on vomiting and the develop gastritis and they are not even able to withstand their hunger and after that if glucose is given they start vomiting. So this is a very patient friendly and one step method to detect gestational diabetes. Before there as a test called as glucose tolerance tests for pregnant patients, wherein the pregnant patients used to take low carbohydrate diet for 3 days, come to the lab on empty stomach, first give their blood for fasting blood sugar, the give 100 grams of glucose and thin the blood as drawn after the first hour, second hour and the third hour and in all these 3 hours they were not supposed to eat and drink this was a very cumbersome and most patient unfriendly tests but this oral glucose challenge test has become a very easy. Patient friendly, easy and reliable method.
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  1. Emmanuel I

    I want to personally thank and recommend Dr IGUDIA on his YouTube channel who cured my Diabetes Disease with his natural herbs medication which I ordered from him and it was Indeed very effective.


    How much water to be used for 75gms of glucose? And can i drink water between having glucose and blood sample collection?

  3. Muxlis

    It is not allowed to drink water during 3 hours test ? I failed first test, and secund time I went clinic but I drink water during 3 hours. But I’m suspecting the result. Because if I year shugar staf I’m not felling good

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