Thor's Trainer Shows You How to Maximize Your Fitness Regimen | Da Rulk on Health Theory

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It’s not every trainer who gets to develop a fitness regimen for a god. But Da Rulk is literally the personal trainer for Thor (as in Chris Hemsworth) and is responsible for the creation of Raw Functional Training, a method used by first responders, elite military, and professional athletes. In this episode of Health Theory with Tom Bilyeu, Da Rulk explains his training methods, discusses the importance of mental strength, and goes into great detail on how to build yourself back up from any injury.


Rulk explains how to train adaptation by sequencing [1:22]
Rulk discusses where to start training if you can’t make it to the gym [5:08]
Rulk details the basic exercises everyone should do [6:46]
Rulk advocates the importance of building mental strength by knowing your purpose [8:55]
Rulk remembers his failures, when he broke mentally [10:44]
Rulk shares his story of building his mental strength after being bullied [11:38]
Rulk considers how much mental health matters for first responders [15:18]
Rulk explains how he simulates duress while training first responders [16:40]
Rulk describes how balance and movement patterns are linked to mental control [19:20]
Rulk shares the story of seeing his son get run over by a car, and his son’s recovery [21:09]
Rulk details exactly what he told his son while his son was recovering [23:42]
Rulk discusses building yourself back up from injury [26:43]
Rulk talks about his son’s resilience [28:44]
Rulk discusses why the pursuit of greatness requires purpose [30:40]
Rulk advocates humility and openness in training [33:01]
Rulk says that his family will watch what he does, not what he says [35:15]
Rulk shares the one thing he would have people do to improve their health [38:00]


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  1. MrTheGiant

    I`m a bit late to the party but he`s wearing nikes as a movement coach..? Cushion underneath your heals is the number 1 cause for lower back problems, chest spine weakness, overall bad posture, as well was neck issues….. Not trying to offend anyone! Kelly Starret is mentioning it several times. Just wear neutral shoes and many of your daily day by day problems will solve themselves!

  2. Darth Vadar

    This guy is NOT from Hawai’i. He throws up shaka’s and says “Ohana” and “Mahalo” and everyone thinks he’s from Hawai’i. Just curious as to why someone would claim to be from Hawai’i when he’s not. He was born and raised in Southern California. Read this article from 2008 about his dad who was an LAPD Detective. Nowhere in the article does it say anything about Hawai’i. If you follow the timeline in the article there was no time that the Sakoda family lived in Hawai’i.

    It talks about how the dad learned “bushido values” character and integrity, respect for others, especially parents and older people. DO YOUR BEST, DON’T EVER GIVE UP”. Da Rulk learned it from his dad who learned it from his Japanese culture, not from an “old Hawai’i saying” like Da Rulk claims in this interview.

    But all that aside, his workouts are crazy. Old-school football drills, mma exercises renamed with multiple technical terms for each exercise.

  3. Zoe Hilton

    Honest Trailers voice is that you?

  4. Q4Amazing

    “I can control TRY!” Love this!

  5. Anthony Fonua

    Impressive dude. Loved the flow of this interview

  6. Belle Lee

    I think small simple steps are really the key of building a habit, building the momentum. Da Rulk's advice on don't overcomplicate things are very useful for anyone to be discipline, to stay committed. Thanks for the interview Tom.

  7. @SalesRemastered

    In order to sustain doing something, you need to constantly remind yourself of its purpose.

  8. Dreamwake

    He looks like Appa from Kim's convenience

  9. Aaron Wright

    I watched this video while doing my own workout.

    Me: "…5, 6, 7, 8! Yeah! Eight reps!"
    This guy: "….I lunged a whole mile…"
    Me: 🙁

  10. Fatou Jangum

    Can someone please contact me am looking for a trainer for my son He is a football player

  11. Powerful U

    "Push past what you think is possible." 🔥💪

  12. Inner Vision

    Really like Da Rulk's mindset around fitness. This was a great interview.

  13. Alexander Berhane

    This interview was the best Christmas present.

  14. aLr boosh

    That crawl exercise looks like a great challenge. Starting to incorporate it into my workouts

  15. Mikill_8

    Anyone heard about Dr Joel Wallach? He talks about supplements and how It's not what you eat that kills you, it's what you don't eat. Does anyone has an opinion on this man and his researches?

  16. Shaundel

    My name is David Jonathan Hilow. I want David Goggins to train me.

  17. Katarina Morvai

    There is so much more to the guy than meets the eye. Very strong interview. Thanks a lot.

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