Things Not To Say To Someone With Type 1 Diabetes

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“Do you love sweets? Is it the good or the bad type? You must be really annoyed with your parents…” If you have diabetes it seems people will assume all sorts of things about you – not all of which are strictly based on fact. Here, eight people set the record straight about their condition – and what they say to those who are positive they could never inject themselves.

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  1. TooManyHungryCatsDrawing

    I assume after a while of jabbing daily you get used to it and barely feel it?
    Im mad that big pharma charges diabetics so much for something they need to live…

  2. PoppyGacha

    I am a type one diabetic and the worst is do you have the good type or the bad type,like mate they both are just as bad as each other,I got diabetes because nearly my whole family have something wrong with them so I kinda formed it from there if u know what I mena

  3. TheMagicMan

    It affects every single thing about you

  4. Keith Heydenrych

    Them: What can't you eat?
    Me: There are only two things I can't I can't eat…poison and cookies with poison.

  5. ohmylord

    I'm 12 years old and I have had type one diabetes for about 8 years now. I was four when I got diagnosed. I remember when I came into school after being away for a month (At hospital). I remember crying and hiding under tables trying to fight back all the insulin pens and so on. When I was 7 I got diagnosed with "autisum", a year after that me and my family went back to the hospital because little did the doctors know I infact didn't have autisum and I actually had a massive pile of trauma.

    Thanks for reading my little rant…

  6. Autumn’s cafe!

    So one time at tag I had a endo appointment so I got to get out early, and one kid at my table said “are you going to get diagnosed with something again?” I still think of that to this day, I remember she was always mean

  7. m 88

    you can say anything you want. people need to stop being offended by everything

  8. Pokéli 99

    I was first diagnosed at 16 and went thru some heavy depression… I remember my mom took me to this doctor who was really mean and belittling. The one thing that sticks to me is he said "it's such a pity, diabetics are the 'sweetest' people on earth" and the way he said it still bothers me to this day. A-hole

  9. lovelyliloxx

    This is is the annoying thing at school I’m always getting a hypo I’m stuffed with food🤮

  10. Vicky Sunday

    Dr IGUDIA on YouTube natural herbs medication are indeed very effective when it comes to Diabetes cure. I have been using his herbal medication and I’m loving my new life again after suffering from type 2 Diabetes for years.

  11. Tiny Princess

    There are more than two types of diabetes.

  12. Vittoria Erice

    Story time:
    One time I was having a walk with my friends in the city centre and and I had to inject my insulin to eat ice cream. There was a woman passing nearby and said to her friend (probably) "oh, she's so young and she's already doing drugs…" I couldn't hold my laugh tbh

    Another story:
    When I was 10 I did volleyball lessons and my volleyball mates were afraid of my blood (just the few drops that were needed to check) and my injections.
    All their mothers came to my mom to tell her to make me go away if I had to do I and my mom was like "EXCUSE ME DO YOU REALIZE WHAT YOU JUST SAID?"
    After a huge fight the moms were like:
    "Oh we're sorry you are right…"
    That's what you get!

  13. ℓαяα ➷ ✧.* εϊз

    When I was in year eight, I was taking insulin in class for a correction dose, and a girl I knew thought I was doing opioids and went and told her friend group. It tuned into big rumour. I had to explain I was taking insulin, which was perfectly legal and kept me alive. I wasn’t that upset about it, it was mainly funny.

  14. Laura Schulz

    Dr IGUDIA on YouTube has a permanent cure to type 2 Diabetes . He cured my type 2 Diabetes with his herbs medication

  15. S Fielder

    Oh I just remembered a really awful one. I am type one myself and was a diabetes educator for 23 years. I was starting one of my patients on her first insulin pump and she was excited and nervous. She was a nurse too, and told another nurse that she was getting a pump. The response from this nurse was “Ugh YUK that’s gross. It will be just like having a colostomy!” That poor girl was absolutely devastated!

  16. • 𝚑𝚘𝚗𝚎𝚢𝚕𝚎𝚊𝚏•

    i remember having to go to the nurses office as i forgot my tablets and there were some there (i was low). he yelled at me as i repeatedly told him i had to go, went REALLY low and was about to faint so i stood up and walked out the door and staggered down the stairs, told my head of year and all she could care about is the fact i left the classroom and not that he endangered my life (i was told every teacher was trained to know what to do “supposedly”). next thing you know an 11 year old is laying in the nurse’s office half dead. thank you Sir.

  17. S Fielder

    Don’t tell a newly diagnosed type 1 that there will be a cure in 5 year’s time! 58 years later and I’m still waiting 😆

  18. devilsANG3L123

    My responses to these

    1, yes dumb*ss

    2, ofc I do, I go out to eat

    3, W H A T

    4, that's cuz I'm 7…

    5, Every Asian for themself ( it's a joke in my house)

    6, I don't even remember getting diagnosed!?

  19. Sondre

    I had a teatcher confiscate my glucose monitor once, because she though it was a phone. She was really embarrassed once she realized what it was.

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