There's a problem with stem cell therapy in Florida

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Medical experts warn the diseased and desperate are now targets of a booming new stem cell industry in Florida promising better health. But we discover the truth is leaving some patients disappointed, frustrated and in some cases, sicker after treatment. Investigative Reporter Katie LaGrone shows you how to protect yourself.

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  1. Jon Gallant

    Are they really trying to help you? Or are they corporations out to rip you off in your retirement. Imagine being killed off by your on citizens with college degrees. When terrorist abroad are viewed as the great threat to Americans. We are being threatened by our own people.

  2. Nickolai Gypsy

    stem cell therapy has helped a lot of people –
    what is disappointing is that we cant really know for sure because stem cell therapy is still illegal in the states.
    so how can we really know for sure if its going to work or not? we are not fully in it.

  3. Love for God

    Oh my goodness I had stem cells therapy treatments 2 years ago. I had to really do alot of researching and God truly blessed me with Dr. John stavrakos in North Carolina. I'm telling he's the best and will walk you through everything. I live in south carolina if I had lived on the other side of the world I would have had to find him. But my testimony he got me out of so much pain.

  4. mark moses

    Try The Stem Cell Institute in Panama. Stem cell therapy is proven for more than joint issues. However, the FDA are merely lackeys for Big Pharma and the more mis/disinformation they can spread the better markets can be protected for them. How many people die per year using "approved" FDA drugs? While it is certainly tragic the experiences these people have gone through, does that discount all of the people who have been helped? The treatment ought to be available in this country for chronic/degenerative diseases. Let the people choose.

  5. Brian G

    Only proven for connective tissue regrowth – the simplest of human tissue. Lung tissue is a complex organ tissue. Only hope for COPD, fibrosis are proteolytic enzymes on an empty stomach: Serrapeptase, Nattokinase, bromelain, etc.

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