1. aditi bharadwaj

    Gigi and kendall was my favorite

    And cara Delevingne ,Bella too

  2. Kitti Kővári

    Kendall and Bella don't deserve to be here

  3. Taliyah Santos

    Just look like average women just taller 🤷‍♀️

  4. D3VO destroyer

    Ngl i think their all pretty ugly like its too much

  5. Ahri Portto

    Let's goooo my Brazilian queeeeeen

  6. Addi

    Why am i not surprised that kendall is the highest paid model

  7. Hymn For Life

    That's why i always like 1st runner up in everything

  8. Subrina Fisher

    Kendall the highest paid because mama Kris does not play when it comes to their 💵💵💰💰

  9. R. Ephraa

    I was literally thinking:
    I swear a Jenner is gonna be here

  10. Dont even have vids just scrooling

    I have only heard of tree models in this short vid lol

  11. Ølïvê💖

    I've never heard of any of these models exept for Kendall 😂

  12. hi hi

    Adriana Lima and Cara Delevingne are soo pretty!!! They're my favorites!!

    Kendall Jenner too

  13. Swasti Save

    How many of ya'll wish u could be one of them someday?

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