The World's Highest-Paid Models 2018

The World's Highest-Paid Models 2018
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The World's Highest-Paid Models 2018

The World’s Highest Paid Models 2018, listed by

Jonth – Break Away
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Top 10 Richest Male Models in The World
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In this video, we go over Top 10 Richest Male Models in The World
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Who is the highest-paid model?
Which is your favorite male Model?
Do models get paid enough?
Which model do you wish you were?

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  1. rias

    Nepotism girls are the highest paid models, surprise surprise. They don't even need the money. Modelling is just a hobby to them. Meanwile, girls who could use the money and have all that it takes to be a highly paid model don't even get in the door.

  2. 2066 Osmon Vanlalhruaia

    Even after 3 years, Karlie Kloss is still the best. I feel so bad for her. She could have been the highest paid model in 2018, but instead, someone who couldn't even do 30 shows in a season,who walked the least and appeared the least in campaigns in 2018, held the position. Smh


    off white yikes so ugly, disgusting and tasteless

  4. Hussien Alsafi


  5. Fernando Garza

    chrissy teigen? even the kardashians do more modelling than her, and they are not in the list

  6. Deddy_Rush18

    What… Kendall number 1..??
    Where adriana, jasmine, alexandra, and another??😐😏

  7. Max Eljannabi

    7 is my lucky number and I LOVE IT. MORE THAN 1, 2, OR EVEN 3 😁

  8. Lanese Douglas

    Where are the one's that actually work theirs asses off..and didn't have their careers handed to them ( I'm talking about new generation)…and lack of usual 🙄

  9. Fernando Garza

    The list was cancelled 2 years age smh

  10. stardust

    Watching Kendall walk is like a comedy show idk why. I need to cleanse my eyes with some Giselle and Candice walk

  11. Sunaoni Hoang

    Can’t believe top 3 . She is the ugliest model I have seen

  12. Bea Beee

    Why does every video of top paid models have kendall’s face?

  13. dlm

    The world don’t need models and fashion world. It’s only an illusion that don’t brings nothing and don’t care about clima change. La moda non serve e solo espressione dell’ idiozia e superficialità

  14. Tontoujours

    You could've skipped all the nepotism kids imo

  15. Armando Azevedo

    Not even one black or Asian model in this list. Oh dear fashion industry..

  16. αρηα υмαη🄶 єηтєятαιηмєηт

    When handsome man do negetive role looking very hot so dashing 💕 lovely

  17. αρηα υмαη🄶 єηтєятαιηмєηт

    When handsome man do negetive role looking very hot so dashing 💕 lovely

  18. Suzie SZA Abessolo

    Can you understand that Trevor Evans his making more than that as model…can you contact us

  19. Matthieu De Pallarès

    Great Vidéo but I think in You forget Clément Chabernaud & Jordan Barrett no ? 🙂

  20. Yannick DRMDA

    Their income is ridiculous compared to female models lol.

  21. Keyth Warren

    These estimated net worths are WAY off the mark

  22. truthseeker

    The Dane with the scar is my favorite.


    Sean was amazing in Taylor Swift's video..

  24. M F

    wow. God sure created some good looking humans!

  25. Luxe Ford

    It's definitely his eyes that sets Sean O'Pry apart from everybody else.

    They're more wide-set than the ideal and his canthal tilt approaches the "fox eye" look popularised by Bella Hadid.

    Even though this is seen as a feminine dimorphic trait, the masculine dimorphism of the lower part of his face balances it our.

  26. Dannybooks


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