The ULTIMATE Shopping Guide For Diabetics – What To Eat & Avoid w/ Diabetes

The ULTIMATE Shopping Guide For Diabetics – What To Eat & Avoid w/ Diabetes
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The ULTIMATE Shopping Guide For Diabetics - What To Eat & Avoid w/ Diabetes

I’m showing you how to navigate the grocery store aisle when you’re on a diabetic diet. It’s not just about buying low sugar and low glycemic foods, you have to look at the other ingredients and make sure they are nutrient dense. It’s also important to eat non-inflammatory foods when you have diabetes, otherwise your cholesterol can spike. Hope you enjoy this shopping guide for diabetics, let me know if you want to see more like this…Mad love!

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We talk about some health options for dinner.
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  1. Jackie Spaid

    I was waiting on bread? Are there any breads good for diabetics?

  2. Gail’s food songs and fun stuff.

    great video, wow!

  3. Ray Sno

    I buy all this stuff and end up throwing it out cuz I'm so forgetful that I have it !

  4. Lilly Zegarra

    Why do you feel you need to show your face constantly even though it is a detriment to the video, incredible! You face is annoying and so distracting from the subject in general. Are you a narcissist? Do you feel you must force us to look at your face in exchange for the information you provide, is that the price we have to pay to learn a bit about special diets? I like what you are doing, I think it is important, but your face all of the time sickens me and most importantly it distracts from what could be good content.

  5. Laura Lonati

    There is one HUGE problem! I would love to go to Whole Foods and buy All this good food but who can AFFORD it?! My daughter and I are barely surviving and I have to have back surgery so how can we afford these good foods?

  6. PokeGMaestro! !

    I’m also Pre Diabetic, Need to eat the proper human food now and stop with the modern life junk food!!

  7. Morgan Athy


  8. zeus m

    Going to start shopping for my little sister. Thank you for this.

  9. Beckbee Nice

    How about milk?
    I use coconut milk and sometimes when I use it too often I feel very weak

  10. Beckbee Nice

    I need a list as to what exactly a diabetic should eat?
    In terms of meat would you say fish is a better option?

  11. Beckbee Nice

    Metformin really get me sick , even when I take the smell,I just stop drinking it on my own
    Are you saying that diabetics should not eat foods like yam, breadfruit, sweet potato, dasheen ,rice, pasta etc?

  12. TheMakAnt

    Just got diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and this video is so helpful!! Appreciate the tips

  13. Malibu Sunshine

    A lot of people who are diabetic and have to take insulin cannot afford to shop at Whole Foods. Please do the same video shopping at Walmart. Thank you.

  14. Ruby J

    Thank you I learned so much today, 1st time watching you!

  15. Devon Douglas

    i would like to know which fruit is good for ppl with diabetes

  16. Christina Robleto

    I've tried shirataki noodles, texture is not the same as pasta, too rubbery.

  17. Marianne Pajak

    Great video thanks for sharing!!!

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