The U.S. Healthcare System: A Health Policy Primer for Medical School Applicants

The U.S. Healthcare System: A Health Policy Primer for Medical School Applicants
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The U.S. Healthcare System: A Health Policy Primer for Medical School Applicants

hello! I’m Sabrina, an incoming first year medical student at the University of Chicago and a health policy researcher (concentrating on health equity and delivery system reform.)

questions about the American healthcare system come up pretty often during medical school interviews, and I know it can be intimidating to learn about these topics for the first time. this video provides a broad overview of U.S. health policy — applicable to premeds and non-premeds alike! I define some terms and high level concepts, review a few ongoing debates and issues in our healthcare system, and briefly touch upon the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on healthcare in America.

topics covered:
1:10 basic concepts & definitions
– 1:14 health care payers, premiums, copays, and deductibles
– 2:28 employer-sponsored health insurance and health insurance sources
– 3:44 medicare and medicaid
5:04 ongoing debates and issues in the U.S. healthcare system
– 5:12 healthcare reform and expanding insurance coverage
– 6:36 the affordable care act, medicare-for-all, and the public option
– 8:18 health care costs
– 8:38 price negotiation
– 9:48 fee-for-service reimbursement vs. value-based payment
– 11:10 health inequities and disparities
12:18 the impact of COVID-19 on healthcare policy

sources mentioned:
3:10 breakdown of health insurance sources —
6:05 impact of medicaid expansion on mortality —
8:25 u.s. healthcare spending and breakdown —
9:27 private insurance vs. medicare on price negotiation —
11:24 health equity and justice from 1993-2017 — and

further resources:
rosenthal’s “an american sickness” —
history of medicare and medicaid —
summary of the affordable care act —
the 2020 democrats’ health insurance plans —
robert wood johnson’s value-based payment resources —
maryland’s global budget program —
COVID-19 and the need for healthcare reform —
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In this video, we will discuss how to pick the right healthcare profession for you. We will discuss various healthcare salaries, healthcare work duties, and what form of education is needed to enter a healthcare field. If I missed a healthcare profession you were wondering about, comment below and let me know!

Let me know what other healthcare professions would you like me to discuss!?

These are the 10 different fields I would have looked into before physical therapy and their required degrees. You can see the salaries for each healthcare profession in the video
1. Respiratory Therapist (Associates Degree)
2. Radiation Therapist (Associates Degree)
3. Dental Hygienist (Associates Degree)
4. RN – Registered Nurse (Bachelors Degree)
5. PA – Physicians Assistant (Masters Degree)
6. Speach Language Pathologist (Masters Degree)
7. Physical Therapist (Doctorate Degree)
8. Occupational Therapist (Masters Degree, but soon to be Doctorate)
9. Optometrist (Doctorate Degree)
10. Pharmacist (Doctorate Degree)
2:30 Respiratory Therapist
3:12 Radiation Therapist
3:50 Dental Hygienist
4:30 Registered Nurse (RIGHT NOW)
5:54 Physicians Assistant (PA)
6:56 Questions you should ask yourself when thinking about which healthcare professional you should be
8:50 Speech-Language Pathologist
9:50 Physical Therapist
10:15 Occupational Therapist
11:30 Optometrist
12:10 Pharmacist
All average salaries found here:
PT vs PT Assistant

PT vs Physician Assistant

PT vs Chiropractic

PT vs Occupational Therapist

PT vs Nursing

PT vs Exercise Physiologist

Top 10 Medical Careers

Top Jobs for a Kinesiology Majors

Everything You Need to Know to Get Accepted Into DPT School
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  1. Es Kay

    This was such a great overview of the standing issues in modern American healthcare! Thanks so much for taking the time to put it together!

  2. Petros Georgiou

    This was a really great video, thanks for mapping the system out so informatively. UK 👨🏻‍⚕️ over here 😅

  3. D H

    Omg you are a genius I srls understood everything you said thank very much for that 🥰

  4. Universal Tips NAS

    There is no voice. CAN you please put the Mic inside your mouth

  5. Zubin Khan

    Currently interviewing for PA school, thanks for this!

  6. Sneha Sharma

    Super informative and well put-together video! Thank you!!

  7. TinyZh

    I want to give this video a thausend likes if I could! It really helps me to prepare for my final exam!

  8. Natasha Muppidi

    thank you so much! using this to prep for my first interview!! 🙂

  9. Apryll Eunice Eun

    I’m struggling in my health policies class thank you for this! Well explained

  10. Danja Gamble

    I am a nurse finishing my bachelor's degree. I struggle to understand topics that you covered in your video and I want to say thank you so much for this very well done video. I found it tremendously helpful.

  11. George Orlov

    great job. Where did you do your policy year

  12. Angela Luo

    Wow this was so informative and clearly conveyed. Thank you so much Sabrina for this video! <3 Would you be able to give an update on any improvements that have occurred in terms of health care disparities? Also would it be possible for you to explain why we can't do something like the universal healthcare system that England or Australia has?

  13. Rebecca Koltun

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS VIDEO! It was super helpful and you seem extremely knowledgeable and convey the information so well.

  14. David A

    There is a healthcare falsehood, put out by republicans, that there is any realistic competition between insurance companies.
    Health is not like buying a car or a TV or a tooth brush. When your sick and you need help your not going to want to shop around. Nor I would argue should anyone have to.
    The most efficient healthcare system, I believe, will be the simplest system. Less overhead gives you more resources for actual healthcare.
    Single payer is the least overhead system. This system could or would fund a healthcare management government body.
    A healthcare management body, funded by the single payer body and staffed by people specifically educated on healthcare and who understand best management practices will be best equipped to make choices about how and where to put resources.
    The healthcare management body, funded by the single payer system then would work with the independent doctors, nurse practitioners and hospitals who would compete to provide services at lowest costs.

  15. Maria Tran

    This was a really good overview! I would love to see more videos like this!

  16. Dini and Asha

    Pharmacy degree is completely saturated at this time. So many students doing it and the market is saturated. My sister is a pharmacist and she makes 90k per year. I think nursing, OT, PT are def good choices as there are lot of jobs almost every year.

  17. Allied Travel Careers

    Great video! There are so many great careers in the healthcare industry that go beyond doctors and nurses!

  18. A T

    I am a dental hygienist and love my career. Be aware that many of the associate degrees talked about in this video actually are more like a 4 year degree. Many including dental hygiene you must do 2 years of pre-reqs then apply to the program for the 2 year associate degree in desired field.

  19. Maria Cervantes

    lmfao thank you for this video. i felt like you were a sales person too.

  20. Blackgirll

    Man thank u sooo much u have no idea how confused I was💜💜

  21. Veliyana Doycheva

    Hi! I've been watching and reading about PHYSIOtherapist, PHYSICALtherapist, Kinesiology and Neurophysiotherapy and I got a bit confused! Unfortunately in my country Physiotherapy is not a well-paid job and also there are low chances for career and developments.I am so doubting which one to choose. Can You please tell me which one is more used in hospitals? I've always wanted to study either clinical psychology or physiotherapy and I still can't decide. I know only one thing- I long to help people! 😍

  22. Marie Azrak

    Neurology is another area to consider

  23. Marie Azrak

    Just FYI federal jobs make you work on holiday and mandatory over time corporate jobs not so much like Banks and other things like that

  24. Kyqorios Kygo

    Can you advice between a OT and a pharmacist technician?
    Which has a better job demand? Degree of difficulty
    Which has shorter college study up to a bachelor degree including board exam and ready to work?

  25. Diakshi Rana

    I want a detailed video about bpt ..and more about it please ❤️as I wanted to take admission in and I would love to if make a very detailed video about it

  26. Tsunami Lan

    The cosmetologists that do my hair makes between $80-100k plus. One 1 year of school minimum. If I was creative with hair I’d rethink my options.

  27. Taslima begum

    Do you need to be good at science for radiation therapy or any of the other ones?

  28. Sara Hasan

    Hey ! I'm currently doing nutrition and dietitian , I don't know it is good career or not?
    I want to become a doctor , due to pandemic and online classes I couldn't make my medical entrance , and now feeling like a failure 😞😞

  29. Hiba Khan

    It’s such an amazing video I Really enjoyed sir I am doing Human Nutrition and Dietetics can u please make a video on its scope salary and much about it?Its a request plz make a video in it♥️

  30. Sabine Wadhams

    I like to know more about pharmacist and pharmacy tech. In Canada!

  31. Krista

    As a high school junior, I first wanted to be a nurse because my family is mainly involved in the medical field. But after seeing a bunch of PT/PTA posts, I switched from between PT, PTA, OT, and radiation therapy. I might be interested in pursuing a BS in radiation therapy after high school. Thanks, this was super helpful.

  32. tots Jt

    Hi…funny question, i know that most of these courses i need biology but by any chance is there any of the above courses that i can do as a high school graduate getting into university without having done biology

  33. Jonathan

    You don’t need a bs to be an rn

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