The Truth About Snacking with Dr. Jason Fung

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Do we (or our children) need to be snacking to accommodate our active lifestyles? Dr. Jason Fung weighs in.

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A 45 minute lecture on some of the myths and truths of intermittent fasting. Check out my website at and blog at

More Information:

The Obesity Code – Reviewing underlying physiology of weight loss and how low carb diets and fasting can help.

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**Fasting Aids**
Pique Fasting Tea (recommended)

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  1. romany desilva

    Hi would appreciate any advice…Doing my first 3day fast and on day two now…noticed my sugar level had spiked to 104 this morning is that normal?
    All I had a was a glass of water with a spoon of apple cider vinegar.(I'm a T2D)

  2. A W

    What to do if you're prediabetic but already very thin?…

  3. Dan Proctor

    You can ‘Mute All’ you can

  4. Anonymous

    I think People who are on diuretics BP and anti acid need to be very careful or should not do it without any doctors supervision. I’m feeling very ill since I’m on fasting. It’s not carb withdrawal symptoms. These are life threatening symptoms. Even I’m off fasting for 4 days and I can’t even lift my arms up to do my hair. My large muscles got extremely week. I felt chest pains pressure during fasting . Now I’m going for Heart Eco to check my heart function. I was walking for an hr and doing house chores all day and holding my job, now I’m on bed all day long.
    @Dr.Fong please advice how can I fix my symptoms. My dr. thinks it’s an anxiety. But I have blurry vision, muscle weakness. I went to ER last week and they say ECG is fine. Did stress test and I felt extremely weak after. But they say it’s negative. But I believe when I was on fasting plus diuretics BP meds and anti acid pills, it washed away my minerals and did something to my body. I hope I can get my health back. I feel seriously wrong with my heart. My ECG was done week ago and I’m worse than before

  5. Vick Testa

    Excellent lecture. Really how hard is it to mute yourself and stay muted. So disrespectful to Dr and audience.

  6. Amethystte

    Why does water fasting information state it takes about 18-24 hours to use up glycogen stores before burning fat? It is difficult to understand difference of water fasting for a day or several days and intermittent fasting. How does Intermittent fasting automatically burn fat for energy and not glycogen stores? The information seems to be contradictory. I am confused and need clarification of what I am missing.

  7. Amethystte

    I am so confused. What about all the studies that say exercising increases metabolic rate for x amount of hours. What about more muscle increasing metabolic rate? Is this true, or is it not enough to overcome the decrease from decreased calories? What about anorexics? How do they stay so dangerously skinny and even eating small amounts are not gaining much weight when go into treatment. I don't know how to integrate all of this, it seems like opposing ideas. What about all the people who successfully lose weight and maintain it? Seems like very conflicting information or do people differ in how their metabolism responds. Do very overweight people losing weight have a different impact on metabolism than someone needing to lose 20 or 30 lbs? What is this cause for these conflicting examples?

  8. Got_Logic?

    This guy spreads myths, not debunks them. Watch Biolayne if you truly want to debunk this guy's BS and misreprentation of physiology and scientific data

  9. David S

    Working hard on correcting my metabolic health. Had to have a CABG 4x almost a year ago. I have found a CGM to be extremely useful in improving glucose levels and therefore insulin sensitivity. One thing I have found is that by maintaining a low level of glucose with minimal spikes from eating a LCD is much more effective. I’m guessing that during your presentation about the ineffectiveness of a low calorie diet is the assumption of processed foods remaining in the diet? If you can cut carbs and processed foods out, eating a snack every hour is still effective. At least that’s my experience. Thoughts?

  10. Sara Gentile

    After trying different eating patterns (my italian style 3 square meals a day, more frequent meals, classic 16hrs intermittent fasting etc…) that didn't feel right to me, I'm now eating 2 super filling, complete and nutrient dense meals a day, one in the morning and one in the evening (for ex. 8 am & 8 pm). This way there are two 12hrs gaps between my fed states and my body has the time to actually use those calories for energy during day and night. I believe in the equilibrium of equally balancing fed with fasting state because I'm so afraid of insulin resistance and what it can cause. Just a different point of view, since almost nobody is talking about skipping lunch in the IF community 🥰

  11. Helen Hartley

    Do Artificial sweeteners create an insulin response?

  12. Kerry Emery

    How does the perception of the high lectins contained in some things affect the eating menu when you come off fasting or are not fasting? Are we still concerned with the depletion of the 'good' gut bugs during fasting? We don't want to kill them all of either…there must be a balance. It's somewhat confusing – trying to put the puzzle together. We want to eat the right things even when trying to keep the carb count down.

  13. SH

    Honest question. Dr. Fung how can I reach 8% body fat if not reducing calories? Fasting doesn't work for me. I'm naturally at around 13,6%.

  14. Tamanah A

    Doesn't dry fasting accelerate the results?

  15. Xiaohua Jiang

    Hello Dr. Fung, Thank you very much for promoting a healthy lifestyle and fasting to cure Type II diabetes. I am a big fan. I just did a 24-hour fast yesterday and lost 2 pounds. I was slim until I gave birth to two children and hit my mid-40s. I have been struggling with weight loss/weight gain cycles. Now I finally find a way to lose weight and keep slim.

  16. Ellinida Triandafilo

    Still a little confused don’t you reduce caloric intake with fasting? wouldn’t that be the same thing

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