The Immune System | Preserving Disease Resistance After a Transplant

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The Immune System | Preserving Disease Resistance After a Transplant

Boost Your Immune System After a Transplant: Expert Tips to Preserve Disease Resistance. Discover the Key to Long-Term Health! 🌱🛡️ The Immune System | Preserving Disease Resistance After a Transplant

This video describes the #immunesystem and explains how it detects and attacks any foreign organism that enters the body.

The immune system has two parts, innate and adaptive. The innate is the first to detect when an organism does not belong to a body and directs the adaptive to tackle the intruder.

The current protocol to control the immune system during a #transplant is immunosuppressant drugs, these drugs paralyse the immune system and prevent it from attacking the kidney but leave the body vulnerable to infection

We learn how the team in the MRC Centre for Transplantation at King’s College London have developed a way to harness the power of the Immune System after a transplant, whilst maintaining the body’s capacity to resist #infectiousdiseases.

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The Medical Research Council (MRC) improves the health of people in the UK – and around the world – by supporting excellent science, and training the very best scientists.

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This video provides a visual overview of the immune system.

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  1. DaRyteJuan

    Wow. I’m just a layperson who’s trying to make sense of all the gobbledygook on my blood panel. ”These videos are so good, a caveman could understand them.” 😂

  2. MI

    This video is better than 4 years in uni and im not joking

  3. Slavyan Iliev

    Bro just how a week of my life eesumed in 15 min, this says a lot aboute school

  4. R S

    Very informative and precise presentation!!

  5. Omar N.

    a phenomenal video. I just have one thing to say at 11:10, T helper doesn't present ag to CTL as far as i know , or what ?

  6. 3 BROTHERS Tv

    tomorrow biology exam :/ PMU plovdiv

  7. Omar N.

    how the heck did u do that man ? that's phenomenal


    Everything is much better than before my watching this video. You are amazing i love you so much. Stay amazing

  9. Mercy Kisusa

    Where have you been all my life😭😭

  10. Joyti Majumdar

    Glad to come across this video.. understood every point ..thanks

  11. Abishek

    Can anyone tell me which software he use to create this video…i also want to make such tutorials but don't know how to

  12. DarCash

    Learning HL bio and now I can seem like a genius on the test 😂 I’ll have plenty to pull from if this is a free resp 😅

  13. chandnee

    cant thank you enough for this concise helpful video !

  14. De Onald

    If our immune system is strong, all types of bacteria can be destroyed by it even without taking antibiotics? For example if we use an immunodulator.

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