The future of small cell lung cancer care

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Until recently, advancements in small cell lung cancer (SCLC) have been few and far between, and treating this aggressive type of lung cancer presents many challenges. Listen to Dr Conibear, clinical oncologist and an expert in this area, giving his perspective on the greatest challenges faced when treating people with SCLC, and his hopes for the future.

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  1. Curtis Clark

    Dr ONO on YouTube has finally cure me from Lupus permanently with his herbal medications

  2. Hemant Sarswat

    Dear sir

    Is any Clinical trails of immunotherapy of your Company is going in India


    A big Thanks to you Just confirm am completely oure free from cancer with the help of his wonderful herbal medicine, may God continue to bless you and your wonderful herbs medicine thanks so much Dr otoi anyone looking for any herbs medicine should kindly contact Dr otoi to place your order for his lovely herbal medicine

  4. Mick Pearson

    I lost my partner to this dreadful disease she lasted just 5 weeks from diagnonis. The only symptom she had was pain in the middle of the chest.

  5. The Shogunn

    My mum has just been diagnosed with sclc can anyone suggest anything that worked for you or your family

  6. Sabz Dal

    What can be done for my dad. We can't lose him we need him so much
    My dad got diagnosed 6 months ago
    It is very small on the lung but many mets on the liver and now they are saying they've found small amounts in my dad's bones. Please tell me you can help

  7. Yasmin star

    My mum has been diagnosed with SCLC just yesterday, doctors don’t think it’s spread past her left lung but she will now go through a staging process to be 100% sure.
    Chemotherapy will start on Friday next week.
    Honestly, I’m not ready to lose my mum and watch her go through all of this, she seems very well with just a cough and slight breathlessness but I know things are going to get worse for and I can’t bare the thought of watching her suffer. It breaks my heart so much but I know, I have to stay strong for her.
    I don’t know what approach to take when moving forward for treatment, we meet with her specialists on Wednesday next week to discuss her treatment plan. I know all odds are against her but I have to have faith that she can be saved because if I don’t hold on to that then I’ll crumble.
    Please, I can’t find where you work from in the uk? I need to what kind of treatment you could offer her and the cost of such treatment. I can’t put a price on my mother’s life and am willing to exhaust every avenue I can to help her. She is all I have. Please get in touch.
    Thank you.

  8. hwinny2

    what about Caspian, Genetic Markers

  9. Misty Byerly

    I wish you could help my mom. She was diagnosed May 20 of last year and I’m afraid she’s losing her battle. There really weren’t any other options left for her so doctor says maybe 3 months. We are devastated.

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