The Future of Healthcare

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The future of healthcare will bring far-reaching changes, but what will it look like? We believe that medicine will become more precise, value will shape care delivery, patients will become empowered consumers, and digitalization will transform every facet of healthcare.

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Artificial intelligence is already shaping the world, from driverless cars to dating. But according to Dr Eric Topol, a pioneer in digital medicine, perhaps its greatest impact will be on people’s health.

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  1. Harshad Thakur

    & u don't have to go to a clinic .all reports in 20 30 secs

  2. Nicholas Li

    This kind technology won’t exist

  3. R K

    What about sickness prevention!? Pray, meditate, eat right quantity and quality food, be grateful, be compassionate, connect with nature. Turn off news channels. You got this!

  4. Skynet Robocop

    No thanks, after seeing the mess that the medical establishment has delivered with convid…. I'm done with allopathic Rockefeller medicine

  5. Ken Titus

    Folks do not believe what they are showing here. It is all lies. Pres. Trump will be bringing new technology soon that will heal whatever you have within mins.. Hospitals are kill centers and have been for years and in Nursing Homes patients are given large doses of Potassium that kills them, it absorbs into the body then who is the wiser. They are then listed as a natural death. It happens what 8 people die on the same wing in the same night but no one dies on the other wings.

  6. Rockin' Gator

    And everyone will live alone in modern, million dollar homes with amazing views of the vast, open and unpopulated countryside.
    And remember, you will own Nothing and be Happy about it.

  7. TheLostSingles

    No thanks. A/I is only as smart as the dumb person creating it. I don't need more big pharma drugs to keep me sick and diseased.

  8. David Robertson

    Such a load of BS. These people in Big Pharma are malevolent, evil fantasists. They are presently killing off the world population and at the same time they are telling us that we are going to be well looked after in the future. Line up and take your Jab if you trust them. I don't so I'll pass.

  9. Blue Energy

    It will probably be more like the hospital scene in Idiocracy.

  10. Jeanine Deal

    A "digital twin"?!? I don't think so! The future of health CARE is in diet and nutrition.

  11. maxxy paine

    they can fuck off with this, oh it's to protect your health they'll say..yeah, along with tracking your every single move , invasion of privacy doesn't even come close to what this will do.

  12. MethodiousMind

    Notice how each person lives in a big cavernous house. When the guy goes running there’s no one else around. It’s almost like the population’s been culled. That’s their real vision of the future.

  13. 3E SHINE

    So, that thing in the black guys neck???

  14. Ynot Lad

    will life termination be by age, social status or some other criteria?

  15. Avg 12

    This is creepy despite its the hopeful promising message. There's nothing empowering about this. Let me get this straight… They fabricated a pandemic… to start promoting something like this…

  16. Prabhat vaibhav

    The thing is, we have the technology to implement this at present. However, it would need some sort of unification amongst the healthcare systems throughout the world for it to have an impact. After all, top notch healthcare system should be a right of every individual and not just a select few who can afford high sums of money.

  17. Christian Hill

    I think, flipping this on its head….the additional applications of traditional remedies and cultures in the healthcare space will not only lessen cost and provide options it could open up the industry to regular day to day consumption patterns potentially employing more people


    The problem is it can reduce jobs .
    I am not communist but what karl Marx had said we are moving towards disaster and inequality

  19. Ibn Al Qurashi

    The golden words,,, bring back (The Humanity)…

  20. Ankit

    Great informative video. But challenges for AI in medical diagnosis can be-
    1. Data privacy of a patient. (CRIME,etc.)
    2. Less human & more machines (feeling, emotions,ethics)
    3. High level connectivity (Internet ,etc)
    4. Affordability (low and average Economy nations).

    Anything else u can suggest .

  21. Niko Belic

    Some investor said surgeons and doctors won’t be needed In 2035… but I think it’s hype
    What do y’all think?

  22. Medpick

    Hi! Check out more videos on the advancement of technology in medical equipment and health innovations on our channel

  23. KimchiBBQ친구

    Can't wait ♥ AI revolution🙏🙈🌏

  24. faheem shaikh

    Human himself preparing for sucide


    Hi Dudes Can you please support " ARAMARK Quality Team " Channel its a medical and healthcare updates channel

  26. Alex Burugorri

    Pire video de tous les temps

  27. peanut12345

    Digital medicine is like a brand new car, with the same salesman and hype.

  28. cayden mongolo

    have they never seen terminator?

  29. Jose Ignacio Osorio Ponce


  30. Charlton Blake

    The hospital scene is one of the most rigid entities and changing it will be a very slow process due to the laws and oversight agencies as well as privacy concerns that bog down any kind of innovation.

  31. dante chersi

    western medicine make people sick like never bifore in medicine big farma poison people doktor just doit folow big farma slave of them

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