The Future of Fitness is FATNESS…According to Self Magazine | Body Positive

The Future of Fitness is FATNESS…According to Self Magazine | Body Positive
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The Future of Fitness is FATNESS...According to Self Magazine | Body Positive

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Fatness is The Future of Fitness…According to Self Magazine. Self Magazine released their 2022 body positive cover and showed the future of fitness. Which is obesity. So that will be easy.

Healthy Is a BAD Word Now..According to Tess Holiday (Lord I SWEAR)

How to STOP Binging


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Protein donuts- 10g of protein and 2g of sugar!

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  1. Kayoka Flowers

    Id Watch a Chronicle of Fat Overlord Yoshi trying to take over the world!

  2. Jennifer Rexrode

    Butters! ♥♥♥♥♥ Yoshi! ♥♥♥♥♥ … now onto the fat chick video

  3. fifi

    Michelle I get so happy when you upload🥺✨

  4. KeyLimeTea

    Being obese is literally unhealthy and not fit I’m so confused by this

  5. Handsumm

    Ive never seen fat people made fun of at the gym… were all here to do the same thing. Thats like making fun of someone for shopping at the 99 cent store.. you here shopping too ho lol

  6. Meghan DiVito

    I’m offended they called that woman a yogi.

    Yogi bear, maybe.

  7. paige burleson

    Started at my gym 300 pound women, lost well over half that weight while at the gym like 4-5 times a week, never anything but love and support from staff and patrons alike!!!! And it’s a global gym, so not just a random local, I’ve just found it’s all about what attitude ur putting out, personally for me, it’s my positivity of myself that’s my own responsibility. To each their own, and good journey to everyone wherever it takes u!!!😁😁😁 Thanks for another amazing upload!!! Huge fan girl here!!!🥰🥰🥰
    Also afterthought edit here…. My 14 year old also attends with me now trying to get healthier, and he also has had nothing but love from our gym as well 😁

  8. Ileana0971

    the opening of this is everything 😄

  9. Rita Sty

    Fat people know that walking and fasting are free, right?

  10. Rainbow Grahamcrackers

    I, a former fat, say to leave the real gyms alone. People of this flavor already have Planet Gay–I mean Fitness with their pizza days and obese staff. Sheesh. Ugh.

  11. jcwittig

    In Canada we have specific gyms that were built for fat people even breaking it down more female fat people. This was they are advertised as being encouraging safe space supportive and helping you to achieve your goals. But you have to be a certain weight & female to be able to go to those gyms. And you might not believe it but fat people were the ones that originated it is gym model.

  12. Lori

    I dont understand.. i mean the change in body is an aftereffect of workout…so… you know…

    Also, never experienced fat bullying in gym either here

  13. Lilly Rosa

    Had to pause this at 11:10 and say most people that are at the gym don’t fucking care, we or me, is too busy trying to figure out how many reps I did in a certain set. So I can be done and leave to cuddle up and watch cartoons myself. I’m obese and my lanta, like I am glad I’m going through a weight loss journey like fat people in this group are so damn sensitive like how are you really living your life? In constant scarcity? 🙄

  14. MrBiggles53

    Yoshi’s fiery eyes of wrath were awesome!

  15. Brittany Bertram

    I was NOT ready for that cinematic gem 💎

  16. Jessica 🐟🐠🐡🦀

    Praise Yoshi! 🙌🙌🙌

  17. Kelsey

    I feel like the body positive movement really overestimates how observant the average person is. Maybe I'm just really oblivious, but I was in the gym a few hours ago and I couldn't tell you anything about the person on the machine next to me, let alone what they were doing or how much they weighed.

  18. Mallory's Outlet

    How Michelle somehow turned Demi Lovato into my sleep paralysis demon.

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