The Future of Diabetes Research – Dr. Seung Kim (Stanford Medicine)

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Diabetes poses a huge burden on families and healthcare systems – even with access to cutting-edge technology. Can the Kim Lab (Stanford University) harness power of human pancreas cells to pave the road to cell-based therapies?

Thank You To:
Seung Kim
Charles Chang
Robert Whitener
Sam Mazlish
Sarah Kimball
Bryan Mazlish
Bigfoot Biomedical
William Talbot
Cindy Ho

Produced by:
Science With Tom & 3MotionCreative

Narrated by:
Tom McFadden

Shot & Edited by:
Elliott Bastien Morin

Visuals & Music courtesy of:
Stanford University
Prelinger Files
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Funding provided by Will Talbot, Senior Associate Dean of Graduate Education and Postdoctoral Affairs in support of the Stanford School of Medicine’s Biomedical Innovation Initiative and the Discovery Innovation Fund

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