The First Launch of My Fitness Apparel Collection – Royal Change Try On Haul!

The First Launch of My Fitness Apparel Collection – Royal Change Try On Haul!
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The First Launch of My Fitness Apparel Collection - Royal Change Try On Haul!

I am so excited to show you all the pieces of our first Royal Change apparel launch! This collection is something we have been working so hard on over the past year to make sure it makes you feel supported, confident, empowered, and strong!

You can find all of these pieces on February 12, 2022 at 10am ET at

Sydney is wearing a small in every piece and is currently 21 weeks pregnant. In her stats picture in the beginning of the video she lists her measurements for her size pre-pregnancy where she also wore a small in all items.

Sydney’s stats:
Height 5’8
Weight: at time of product pictures she was 145, she is now 153 pounds
Waist: 27 inches
Glutes: 36 inches
Hip: 31 inches
Thigh: 20 inches
Calf: 11 inches
Bra: 34B

A complete list of our pieces:
0:00 -Introduction
0:56 -Strappy Sports Bra
2:09 -Racerback Sports Bra
2:34 -Crossback Sports Bra
3:02 -Biker Shorts (7 inch inseam)
3:40 -Active Shorts (4.5 inch inseam)
4:26 -Running Shorts
4:49 -7/8 Leggings
5:36 -Full Length Leggings (27 INCH INSEAM**)
6:10 -Signature Joggers
6:47 -Crop Tee with Keyhole Back Cutout
7:43 -FAQ

Item Prices:
1. Strappy Bra-
2. Racer Back Bra –
3. Cross Back Bra –
4. 4.5 inch Performance Short –
5. 7 inch Biker Performance Short-
6. Running Shorts –
7. 7/8 Leggings –
8. Full Length Pocket Legging –
9. Joggers –
10. Crop Tee –

You can find all of these pieces on February 12, 2022 at 10am ET at and please let us know what questions you have in the comments below! This is my first try on haul for pieces that we designed completely so I hope I did them all justice and I hope they make you feel as amazing as we imagine they will.
-Sydney and Dustin Houdyshell
Founders of Royal Change

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  1. Sydney Cummings

    Comment here and let me know if you have any additional questions! We do ship internationally and please check out all details in the description of this video for extra information! I am so excited for these pieces to be in your hands and have you rocking them with me in our workouts! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your love and support!

  2. Stephanie Price

    These are cute ! Wish I could wear more than just black bottoms and black/ white/ yellow tops. I sweat horribly while working out { I get the dreadful back down to butt sweat as well as crotch sweat… it's 100,000 % embarrassing} . Keep up the awesomeness girly. You're doing wonderful!

  3. Helen F.

    adjustable sports bra?! omg i want and she looks so cute in the beginning with the t shirt and shorts!

  4. Gina Diamond

    Can't wait for my royal fitness apparel to arrive! Yaay Sydney! 😆

  5. Sofia Idk

    All look amazing! 👏🏼❤️

  6. Carla Patricio

    I love the padding idea on the sports bra! Definitely will be purchasing some of these pieces! You’re amazing!! Keep doing what you do and being YOU! 💜

  7. Irene V

    Love it!!!! Congratulations on your pregnancy!!!

  8. José H

    Ahem, will you be doing any men’s apparel?

  9. Jeanine OConnor

    Got my sports bra already! So comfy. Will be ordering again. Sydney never disappoints.

  10. Beth Bentley

    LOVE the removable pad idea in one piece vs two!!!!

  11. Karley Coday

    I would love to see a high impact sports bra, as a bigger chested lady medium support doesn’t quite cut it for those intense workouts you upload! With that being said I absolutely love the removable pads in the bras and the colors are gorgeous! I’m excited to get some leggings and shorts!

  12. seeds,paws and yoga gilljim

    Im so involve with these,, does anyone know how much the duty would cost to get them shipped to thew uk. I would love to support Sydney..

  13. Suri Stela

    Do you wear panties when working out?

  14. Alexandra Rubiano

    So very cute, where I to buy ?

  15. Corey Brashinger

    If you ever make sustainable or ethical lines or use that fabric in your apparel, please mention! These pieces are so well designed and I would love to buy them if you go that route. I’ll keep rocking the workouts, though! And I love your glute bands so I know you choose quality!

  16. Stef S

    So I did yesterdays full body workout today instead. I was soooo excited that I was able to do 25 pound shoulder presses all 3 rounds-that I TREATED myself to a new Sydney outfit this morning . The coral color is gorgeous and I cannot wait to wear it.

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