The Fashion Models Starving For Success

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Bones Of Contention (2007): Can the fashion industry amend the body-image crises many young women suffer, or is beauty truly a matter of life and death on the catwalks?

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Should ultra-skinny models be banned? The fashion industry claims it is being unfairly pillaged for the ‘size 0’ phenomenon. But self regulation has done little to weed out emaciated models.
“They have to understand that being thin is our job”, states one size 0 model. But following the death of anorexic model, Ana Carolina Reston, designers are coming under pressure not to use skinny models. Spain banned ultra-thin models from Madrid Fashion Week after complaints they encouraged anorexia. “We didn’t want teenagers to think excessive slimness is a model of beauty”, explains organizer Cuca Solana. But other fashion capitals refuse to follow Spain’s lead. “The whole size 0 thing has come from Hollywood not the catwalks”, complains Hilary Riva, Chief Executive of London Fashion Week. “It’s too simplistic to blame fashion.”

SBS Australia – Ref.3432

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  1. Farrah Froehlich

    “Our shoulder are hangers” mindblow

  2. CrIMson Red

    If “healthy” is beautiful, then why are they not “healthy”??? 😒😒

  3. Jo MAE Savannah

    Seeing skinny women on TV bothers me sooooo much especially thr thigh gap.

  4. ItAppearsToBeThatHeeManHasNoNiceCleanLettuce🚫

    This is a toxic industry

  5. Private Noneofyourbusiness

    It's so ugly so superskinny, and obviously very unhealthy! I don't findnit glamorous either.

  6. Alyssa Marte

    “everyone was that skinny at that age” me at 14 not being that skinny 👁👄👁

  7. Oscar k

    Wheres women of colour all i see all models looks like same lol

  8. Godjortall

    Maggie Alderson fails to note that thinness is prized in SE Asia too – it's not just a Western phenomenon. Look at Eastern Bloc countries, and South Africa, for example – slender figures are highly valued there also.

  9. Vell Baria Official

    My husband once said, skinny "anorexic" stick thin is not healthy at all and it can be deadly.

  10. Whendi S. Roberts

    Skinny is not healthy. BUT I WANT TO BE SKINNY

  11. Whendi S. Roberts

    I'm in a Mission to lose 40 pounds

  12. TIffanyrose Angeles

    The Spanish lady would've been a true beauty but her spine….terrible….She was a mere skeleton! How do these women actually get through a day w no food at all?? I'd be passed out.Like,yes I've eaten less,but never ever cut food into tiny pieces,& there was only one time,many moons ago modelling was a thing.
    Oh hell,noooo.
    After hearing/ reading about the dark" side.Sorry I love a dessert at times not that I overeat.
    It's called methodical eating.
    I sit by my cat,no she's not trying to eat off my plate she's in a chair across from me
    Put some music I like on.
    Or a video.
    & try & just enjoy food as it was meant to be…….enjoyed! ❤️👍
    It can be difficult as I've struggled in the past.
    But I've managed.
    It can be done.
    Good days.
    Not as good,
    Like anything else.
    I try to never compare my life to the others online ie. models,celebs.
    I advice no one else do either.

  13. Madison Harrill

    Instead of banning underweight girls. Let’s show multiple types of healthy bodies so each woman can find someone they relate to

  14. A.J London

    Nobody forced these people into modelling.

  15. unknown

    Supermodels of the 90s were 4-6 size and gorgeous. It's so unhealthy to expect women to be 5'9-5'11 and weigh 100-115 pounds. It makes me so sad and hurts all women

  16. Lubystka Olamonola

    What about making "Forever 21" rule. Your BMI is 21 your good to go to be a fashion model. It is nice healthy size, skinny and chubby enough for most of population.

  17. Michelle

    That model saying everyone's a size 0 because they're 15 is false. Agencies in Europe require models to be that size down to the fine details of repugnant measurements. It is easier to hire children for that reason, younger women are also easier for the creeps in the industry to manipulate into sex acts. You guys have no idea how deep and sick this industry goes – I've been in it.

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