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The Edge Fitness Clubs Review! Is this gym worth the price tag? Let’s find out! The Edge Fitness Clubs review, The Edge is a gym, that must be talked about. So lets talk about The Edge Fitness Clubs. The Edge Fitness Clubs gym review, a gym review of The Edge Fitness Clubs that dives deep into whether it’s worth it, or not…


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Commercial for Youfit Health Clubs’ Jungle Gym Presenting: Toucan.

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  1. Aimee Ward

    I just went to the new one in St Louis on a guest pass. The employee breezed us right through the tour. I finished on a treadmill and stepped over to grab a wipe, not realizing that the curve of the floor had me on a 6" ledge. I fell on my left knee. Still bruised and swollen 5 days later. The second time I reracked a 15# kettleball, but the thing bounced right back down on the floor. Good thing I have fast reflexes or it would have landed on my foot. I've been weight lifting for decades and know that I reracked that kettleball properly. I would love to join Edge Fitness, but now I'm afraid to touch anything. Sad that I had to let the guest pass run out after 2 visits.

  2. Sadek obadi

    I pay 25 for planet because near me just half mile right now edge has open about 3 miles . what you say stay or change give me Your opinion i trust u

  3. Alisz Hatch

    I’m so intrigued by the turf area. For about $10-$20/ month I think this gym would be a great choice to check out.

  4. Rob G

    Nathan the floor posing your guns are even bigger.

  5. Rob G

    The big turf area looks like a lot of fun!

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