The Economics of Healthcare: Crash Course Econ #29

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Why is health care so expensive? Once again, there are a lot of factors in play. Jacob and Adriene look at the many reasons that health care in the US is so expensive, and what exactly we get for all that money. Spoiler alert: countries that spend less and get better results are not that uncommon.

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Health care workers in 25 states, including California and New York, must now have at least the first dose of a Covid-19 vaccine. This comes as some hospitals face shortages and the national death rate is rising. » Subscribe to NBC News:
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Covid Vaccine Mandate For Health Care Workers Takes Effect Amid Staff Shortage
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  1. Jakub Wojciechowski

    It annoys me they talk specifically about the American, healthcare here and not the healthcare in general. Other countries are just counter examples. It's supposed to be crush course economy, not American Economy!

  2. Homemade Tech

    Yeah, btw the VA system sucks and is responsible for many of the homeless vets you see on the streets (the real ones) And I’m pretty sure it’s more similar to Canada’s system than Britain’s because it’s single payer and not socialized

  3. Syed Mohaiminul Islam

    Remember, Breaking Bad happened because Walter White couldn't afford his medical bills and his family had no money.

  4. Abu Bakar Bin Khalid Khalid

    Medicare doesn't work at all, it all back trek to Standard oil, the history of the medical formation and now the corrupt senate representatives

  5. Jasmine Joseph

    The premium pay should go towards the deductible or out-of-pocket cost. It's so unfair.

  6. Jasmine Joseph

    So wanting to healthy and wanting to use my insurance is a punishment?? @4:47 I can't with this country.

  7. medium writings

    who else is sick with ACDC belt comments?

  8. Eric Morin

    ah yes. the pinnacle of healthcare and a national treasure. the health wagon

  9. 160p2GHz

    Maaan the too early to tell on the Affordable Care Act comment… when this video came out I was on ACA. Two months after this video came out I had a stroke, at 30 (I'm in great health it was just a freak injury that caused it). I am so so grateful I was able to get proper healthcare and afford the follow up to make sure I didn't have another. No way I could have afforded the two hour ambulance ride from my local hospital to the specialist hospital without insurance or probably even with the employer insurance I have now. Just an anecdote but I may well owe my life to ACA.

  10. 160p2GHz

    Re like 5:30 … I really wish I could get it through politicians heads that I do not want to spend any more time in a hospital than I need to. I under consume. And when I had free or low cost health care the only difference was I went to my regular check ups. My mother is a hypochondriac with good insurance and she does go a lot, but the frequency isn't going to increase if she doesn't pay for it. She's not driven by cost, she's driven by a need for attention and wanting to be special. What's more, every time I've been fleeced in a hospital, it's been when I was in very serious condition and a (usually private) hospital has decided to just run a bunch of tests without good reason. It would be really nice if when I cannot give coherent consent, I did not have to worry about someone giving me a CAT scan I'm not insured for for no good reason (and yes I know doctors often do things in my interest but I have at least one example of being given a CAT scan for food poisoning…).

  11. Carmie San Paolo

    Another important consideration is the mixture of a for-profit system, that is also heavily subsidized. When the majority of healthcare dollars flowing through the system are from the government, the normal market forces that control costs in other industries, are essentially disabled. Add to that the tax incentives to employers to provide health insurance for employees, and that removes the consumer from the market even further.

  12. Alankriti Gulati

    What's the difference between Canada and UK system for healthcare ?

  13. ray1983able

    Private insurers + premiums , public insurers + taxes single payer system. Medicare for single poverty , Medicaid family poverty. Cost of health Care , Deductable to prevent over visits. Iron triangle = Congress, loobyist and beaurocrats.

  14. thekaxmax

    universal single-payer is cheaper. Evidence: every developed state that isn't the USA.

  15. Nazor

    Healthcare is so expensive because you regulated to much.

  16. Rickard Kaufman

    Bernie Sanders has entered the chat.

  17. Jaymeister92

    No mention of how every other system is in the red, causing tax increases and rationing (death panels). You get what you pay for.

  18. Max Max

    Extremely stupid executions with NO COMMON SENSE!!! "Hey we need to fight COVID but lets fire all the medical workers!" These people are putting their lives on the line and getting fired for saving lives??? *Facepalm*

  19. Nurse Bethany


  20. Ron Peer

    Isn’t it great how they show their admiration for hospital workers who were on the front lines of the pandemic by firing them? What is wrong with this picture?

  21. jon Doe

    You see how they added fear by saying a 15mo baby as a victim which is a lie …. that baby could have died of anything but it gives no proof

  22. Afro Samurai

    Those patients are very unhealthy (over-weight or obese) which is 70% of the covid patients. Fake news will no longer fool the public about covid.

  23. romanticwander

    Why people havent seen the government use the Medical workers for political fodder still astounds me, They literally used them and tossed them. Now they're trying to be like "hospitals are overun cuz of covid!" when in reality its because you fired those who chose to make their own personal choice. Also to those who think they're morally right cuz you got the shot. Youre not, especially if youre wishing death and for people to lose their jobs for not following you. Hopefully karma gives you a swift kick in the teeth, because ya'll need some humbling. Or to be removed from the planet. Id prefer the latter as thats the better solution.

  24. Jonathan & Brittany Cross

    The need for health care workers isn't that bad if they are willing to let 25% walk away/ be fired first and mandate

  25. CM

    HOspitals are turning down unvaccinated because beds are full of vaccinated who shouldn't have it in the first place

  26. Afro Samurai

    Refuse and do not comply with the mandate.

  27. sweetbutpsycho

    Talagang uubusin ang tao eh.kahit experimental grabe kau!

  28. Da Debbil

    They won't even be eligible for unemployment in most states. Thry don't deserve it either. There isn't an exemption for vaccines in the bible, so good luck on the whole religious debate bs. In fact, the bible instructs it's believers to adhere to governmental laws.

  29. Seekuv Snowflakes

    The current administration is all about power (control) & money (greed). They will stop at nothing to take everything from the working class and have us groveling for scraps (if they choose to let us have any). Case in point – listen to the rhetoric coming out of the so-called leaders and those who prop up the LEFT. Suggesting that those who do not bend to the will of the LEFT must be cancelled, shut-out, shut-down, denied care, unemployed, and imprisoned. Sounds an awful lot like North Korea and China to me.

  30. Robert Wilson

    Looks like we lose more health care workers.

  31. Flowers inherhair

    I assume the two men with COVID were double or triple vaxxed since you didn't demonize them for being sick.

  32. sturmgewehr70

    This ☠️ doesn’t help! Screw these politicians and msm👎👎👎👎👎👎

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