The Diabetes Exam

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A video on the main points of the Diabetes Exam.

The video was created as part of the Top Hat Tutorials app, a new doctor and student designed guide to the clinical examinations in medicine and surgery.

‘TOP HAT TUTORIALS’ is available in the Apple, Google and Windows app stores today.
Reached number 1 medical app in its first week of launch!
A must have for medical students no matter where they are studying.

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  1. Karen Blackerby

    My type 2 Diabetes came to an end after using the natural herbs medication which I ordered from Dr IGUDIA on his YouTube channel.
    The herbs medication was indeed very effective and helpful.

  2. somevibesasmr

    wait is this a exam to see if you have diabetes bc if you didnt why have a pump or take insulin it would kill you (type 1)

  3. Adam Henrie

    If only doctors actually had the time to perform such a thorough exam!

  4. Laura Schulz

    Yes indeed, Great work deserve good recommendations, thanks to Dr Igudia on YouTube for curing my Diabetes with his herbal medication. I will forever tell the world about your good work.

  5. Mona Lisa

    I really don’t know how to appreciate Dr IGUDIA on YouTube who cured my type 2 Diabetes with his herbal medication.

  6. Anna lee

    Seeing lots of testimonies about this Dr Igudia on YouTube for permanent eradication to Diabetes disease not until i had to give it a try and my health was restored back to normal thanks Dr Igudia

  7. LJStability

    Doing my family rotation and struggled with my practice OSCE. Gotta say, these videos are fucking baller brother. Keep them going!

  8. Roxana

    Y'all are too rude with this. Let people live and enjoy the instruction instead of nit-picking every single thing like you know better.

  9. rumple stiltskin

    My neck , underarm and goin are darkened due to dermatitis , last month my glucose is 6.04 and after a week went down to 4.81. is this mean I have diabetes? It worries me and I can't sleep well or think well anymore

  10. Abedalla kayyali

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    It is a good one off product for discovering how to get rid of type two diabetes minus the hard work. Ive heard some great things about it and my BF after a lifetime of fighting got great results with it.

  11. John Michael

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  12. S20☆ Urza

    "Start with the femoral artery." proceeds to grab dudes junk

  13. idraote

    this is more like a medical insurance exam: from the instructions given, the doctor must assume his patient is uncohoperative and unwilling to reveal a diabetes condition he knows exists.
    A white coat would also have been nice.

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