TEETH WHITENING TUTORIAL: How to Start a TEETH Whitening Business & Is Teeth Whitening Legal?

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Learn how to add an additional 20-30K by adding teeth whitening to your business! Already have a business, and want to add a new facet? Teeth whitening program and certification only ,500. Turnkey system, and marketing guide will give you everything you need for immediate customer success. RESULTS GUARANTEED!
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Do teeth-whitening products work? Are whiter teeth actually healthier? Dr. Ada Cooper explains everything you need to know about teeth whitening.

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  1. Miimii’s_Signature

    Thank you so much
    Now I can set up my own

  2. Yulisa Evans

    What is the cost of the class

  3. d booms glam

    Amazing cant wait to get started

  4. Jojo

    Where’s the before ? I seen the after

  5. Alphonso Hudson

    Definitely taking this course

  6. Kelly Del Marco

    A 5*Teacher! can’t wait to purchase and get started. Keep up the good work!🌸💜🌸

  7. Idara Iniedu

    Do you give the aftercare home teeth whitening kit to the client for free?

  8. brandi jordan

    Very knowledgeable I would like to take your course

  9. Goddess

    You speak really well … very articulated ❤️

  10. Leah Jefferson

    Thank you for the updated video can’t wait to start !

  11. EricaCantLose

    Thanks for the updated video.

  12. Samuel Okoro

    I thought it was gonna tell me some type of hack but NOPE it straight up tells you to get a teeth whitening appointment.

  13. 𝐕.

    dammn i got bullied years because i had yellow theeth

  14. djs12007

    UH, YES, the color of your teeth DO matter, if you want to have any kind of social or romantic life, you can't have yellow teeth.

  15. Nezio, Skipper of School

    teeth don't need to be white to be healthy

  16. joy !! .

    not me trying to scratch off the yellowness of my teeth knowing that it ain’t gonna work


  17. jgabd

    Doesn't matter ok 😐😐😐😐😐 for you maybe

  18. student

    My dentist shaved off my teeth and it has ywllow cracks now 😬 what do I do?

  19. adam collins

    Thought she was going to give a new method.

    I recommend getting the dentist to make a mouth brace. Fits like a glove & should last your entire life as your mouth shape won't change.

    Wear them while you sleep. I usually alternate between upper or lower brace. Wearing both at the same time is a bit much.

    You can buy the peroxide gel whenever you want a top up. Either from your dentist or online. Online is cheaper & you can get 35% peroxide. Dentists only go up to 16%.

  20. Robert Collins

    I find exterior ultra white gloss does the trick

  21. Jeannette Oliver

    Australian Aboriginals used charcoal.

  22. Strawbewyy

    Anyone else who had parents who didnt cared if they did not brushed their teeth when they were kids? … 🙁

  23. Jel Lyn

    It's hard to smile when having a yellowish teeth and not straight, feels like uncomfortable

  24. Jennifer

    Nice video. I've been able to whiten my teeth easily using G-force. I can't post the link here but it's on my video

  25. 王礼敢

    VOVA Retinol Anti-Wrinkle Cream 5 Seconds Fast-acting Wrinkle-Removing Collagen Lifting Fade Fine Line Moisturizing Skin Care
    100% brand new and high quality
    Suitable for eye bags, wrinkles of face, lips and neck, crow's feet, dryness around the eyes, dark circles, poor metabolism of the eyes.

  26. I know my face but don't know my name

    How to white teeth ?

    Step 1) Dry your mouth .
    Step 2) paint your teeth with white colour .
    Step 3) Dry this colour.
    Step 4) never bursh your teeth if the colour is not waterproof .
    Step 5) Add purfume in your mouth .
    Bonus : you can add nailpolish gel if you want to brush your teeth . I hope you understand that it is just a joke ,btu thank you soo much for wasting your time 🙏🙏😢😢(Don't hate me please 😭😭)

  27. Daniel Jarvis

    This is a good and educational video. Toothpaste companies, to sell their products, make claims that aren't often true, and don't tell usthe abrasive material they put into their teeth-whitening toothpastes. As for strips one applies at home, it's got to be done daily and it becomes expensive, but it's safer that the trays. The material that one places into the trays hurt my gums badly causing irritation of my gums and pain for several days. In using this one has to make sure the stuff that goes into the trays doesn't spill over the gum, something not easy to do.


    When I saw thumbnail in first glance i thought it was editing tutorial

  29. David Leo

    I suffered From Halitosis since I was a Kid. was later diagnosed with Periodontitis, Until I got some super Herbs from Dr Eromon Youtube channel, the Halitosis is gone and my previous test confirmed improvement's on my teeths and gum. I'm Greatful and I advise you help your self too

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