Teeth Whitening Methods and Gimmicks- Don't waste your money

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Watch this video to learn all about the different teeth whitening methods, and why most products are full of gimmicks which lead to poor results and gum irritation. Don’t waste your money, learn the truth.

I will review the following whitening methods:
– Over the counter whitening methods (strips, gels, lights)
– In-office whitening methods (with and without light)
– Custom Tray Whitening

Recommended Products: https://amzn.to/2X0zXMA

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  1. James Afshar

    Thank you Doc!! Can i use my aligners as the trays? Currently using CANDID aligners…

  2. Amor mi Mejor Herencia

    What treatment does not damage the enamel

  3. roozus

    what teeth whitening strips would you recommend,

  4. loco79PL

    That last tip was great, thank you doc, greetings from Poland

  5. achilles joe

    doc what is the recommended cycles when comes to whitening teeth? is 6 cycles and 8 minutes in between is okay?

  6. Mohana Alfaleh

    Thank you great information 🙏🏻♥️

  7. Dani 97

    thhhankk you Doctor, this vid is soo helpful

  8. Lê Thanh Toàn

    Thank you dr, your channel will be popular someday, keep it upppp!

  9. Italo Torres

    Excellent video Doc! One question, the protocol you use in your cases includes one day off from the whitening tray to diminish the chances of suffering from hypersensitivity, after 2 days wearing them overnight. My question is: how many cycles of on-and-off do you usually recommend the patient follows to achieve your treatment goals? For a period of 2-3 weeks? Thanks in advance!

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