Tandem tslim x2 & Control IQ Changed My Life | Insulin Pump Agorithm Review

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I consistently achieve over 90% blood sugar time in range using the Control IQ algorithm on the Tandem t:slim x2 insulin pump powered by Dexcom G6 CGM. This has been a game changer for my type 1 diabetes.

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0:00 Control IQ introduction & How it works
4:00 Impact of Control IQ on time in range %
4:33 Sleep mode and exercise mode on Control IQ
6:30 Control IQ disadvantages
7:43 What I like the most about Control IQ
8:08 HbA1c and average blood sugar with Control IQ
9:42 Control IQ supported CGM systems
10:41 Adjustment period after switching to Control IQ
11:03 My control IQ tips and mistakes

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Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and my videos are not medical advice. What works for me might not work for others. Please consult your medical professional regarding your diabetes treatment. Note that the content of this video was not discussed with or approved by Tandem Diabetes or Dexcom. I just use and love their products and share my personal experience.

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Lets dive into the all new Omnipod 5 insulin pump and talk about all of the new exciting features!

Enjoy the video!

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Video Rating: / 5

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  1. Type One Talks

    I realize these detailed review videos are very long. The reason is that I try to include as much information as possible to allow all of you fellow diabetics to have all the information you need to be able to decide if Control IQ is a good fit for you. It takes a lot of time and energy to analyse every bit of the system but I love doing that. And I always want to improve so I would love to hear your feedback to see whether there is anything I can do better in my future review videos. Please let me know!

    Love you all! I appreciate your support!

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    Watch next:
    5 tips for Tandem t:slim x2 insulin pump users https://youtu.be/MoKwiGR52D4
    How to avoid blood sugar spikes after meal https://youtu.be/mWjr67s2A1Q

  2. M Evans

    Great information sir. 👍🏽♥️

  3. halirn

    Thanks so much for this video. I've had diabetes for 47 years and was one of the first patients to use an insulin pump (the size of a video tape, weighed over a pound, and used a 9 volt battery). I switched to a Minimed pump when they became available and stayed on the Medtronic brand for many years until the Omnipod tubeless insulin delivery system came out. I love the fact that the Omnipod is tubeless, small, and waterproof. Sadly,the Omnipod5 and the Dash are now prescription devices as opposed to a durable medical equipment device; my insurance will not pay for them. I was looking at the Tandem slim X2 & Control IQ vs. the Minimed 780G for tighter, more consistent glucose control. Your video has me leaning toward the Tandem and I thank you so much for taking the time for a very thorough review.

  4. ℝ𝕚𝕤

    how many freestyle libre 2 sensors do you think you tipically found faulty per year ?

    i for example have ve been using fs2 for the past 4 months, so 9 sensors total, out of which 4 were from the same batch and were all at least 30% wrong all the time vs glucometer, and another 1 that kept reading very scattered values so i took it off after 1 week

    btw, thank you for the time and effort you put into this vid also

  5. Briip braap

    My biggest issue with the tandem is dropping low during resistance training especially but all forms of exercise. Anybody have thoughts on how to prevent lows with ControlIQ & Exercise? For reference today my last bolus was 3.5 hours prior to resistance training & my glucose went from 151 to 68 within 20 minutes of starting exercise so exercise mode did not help all that much.

  6. Voice Of Hussain TV

    Hi ,I have new tandem slim x2 pump, when I try to upload data on glooko uploader, my new computer can't find device, please help.

  7. ManiX207

    yeah thats the one thing which keeps me from getting a pump – i dont really have a consistend correction factor currently it is about 2 – but in 2 month or so it can be 0.5 again -.-

  8. Salvo

    Stunning.. But looks like multinsulin are still better of all this burden of pump, and all the calculation around..

  9. Jan thomsen

    how do you do at night with the Tandem when you sleep and turn around?

  10. Vivian Moran

    My 15 year old T1D and I LIVE for your videos. His first diaversary is coming up and you have helped him be confident in himself in all aspects of his life! THANK YOU!!! I pray daily he can find away to find happiness while living with this disease. Its been a rough year but you have given him (and I) so much hope! 🙏🥰🤗

  11. Amir Al-Edani

    The information you provided about the Tandem insulin pump was great and very useful, but you didn't mention how long does the pump battery charge last if it was charged to 100%?

  12. Niaz

    My son is low fat, whole food vegan Type 1 using pen with Toujeo and Humalog. He is 98% with in range, 2% high, 0% very high, low and very low.

  13. Nancy Lam

    on setember my sugar is 90 , on January lab is 114 , how long is take sugar go normal if I follow you tip ?

  14. ReddDevil1982

    Hi Tom, thank you very much for your tips in this video. I have some general questions:
    ► Which insulin do you use with your Tandem t:slim x2? Humalog? Lyumjev? An other insulin?

    I am using a Minimed G640 insulin pump with Lyumjev. Moreover, I use freestyle libre 2 to measure my blood sugar
    Maybe I will switch to freestyle libre 3

    ► Do you know whether freestyle libre 3 is compatible (currently works togehter) with any insulin pump on the market?
    That means, the value of my blood sugar which freestyle libre 3 measures is automatically transferred to the insulin pump?

    Best regards from Germany

  15. Charity and Justin Gantt

    Your videos are very informative and helpful, I have had juvenile diabetes for 30 years and I will be set up on the tandem soon, it seems like it is the closets to a bionic pancreas and will simplify my life and hopefully help with less stress and weight on your shoulders, very interested in the implant cgm too, your video was great!

  16. karim farrag

    Hello and thanks for the video. I’d be grateful for your opinion on whether I should go for the tandem x2 or the omnipod dash, as I’ve the choice of either imminently. The benefit of not having to worry about tubing speaks for itself, however I (like you) have always struggled with optimising my time in range and feel that the closed loop system offered by the tandem can’t be ignored in that respect. There are plans in the pipeline for a stand-alone closed loop system for the omnipod dash (tide pool loop) but this seems still a way off.

  17. Quadgirl

    Hi Tom and thanks for all of your great advice. I love you and diabetesstrong as my go-to people for sound experiential help. Now, I am t1d for just over a year, age 57 diagnosed. Already a 30 year runner/walker/exerciser and big water drinker, which helps me. Well my endo put me on pump one month ago – t:slim x2. Still having lows at 1.5 mile superfast walk (4-6 miles 6 days or 7 per week and 2 days free weights double split routine). They don;t want me using temp rate for exercise or any bolus not related to carbs eaten. So, I struggled mightily at first with insertion sites and a few bent cannulas and it coming off, but now can do that fine, with exception of bubbles sometime. But I get “sensor not connected” warnings in middle of the night. Side sleeper lots of tossing and turning, and tslim inside pillowcase of leg pillow. I still seem to be worrying too much about this restrictive device. Blood sugars are fine they say (predictive of 6.8 a1c), but the over 200 ups, like right now after heavy exercise and 28 carb breakfast and no bolus for 16 carb Kind bar eaten during walk, upset me. Also the weight of the tslim and having to carry phone. I enjoyed my libre and so much miss my tresiba 10 units once a day plus mealtime humalog and the freedom of being lightweight and not weighed down by all these diabetes reminders. I could read libre graphs easier and loved to make comments tied to exact blood sugar while out exercising. My mom loves an hour away and lost her husband Christmas eve, so I need to go help her at random times and fear something happening with infusion set. I do not feel like travelling with a suitcase of insulin and all the stuff. How easy grabbing pens would be. Plus diabetesstrong has me interested in inpen. I am sorry to not love this and might love it in the future. But may I ask, as my alarms are sounding for high sugar every day this time with wild highs and lows compared to tresiba and humalog pens, how long do I need to give this a try to be fair to the process? They have tweaked my basal and ratios 3 times in the month and contrary to others, I am using more insulin per day than I did on pens. I have always felt that i use up humalog pretty fast, just a sense, and that tresiba only lasts about 24 hours in me. I eat same basic three meals, no snacks each day for the past year. And so, sorry for the length of this, but how long until I go back to pens? My endo team will support me and not be mad if it does not work, I feel and since I talk with them frequently they know I have and am struggling with rollercoaster sugar that averages okay, but feels horrible, versus more smooth libre and pens. Do some people just not like the tubes and constant reminder? I would love to sleep with only gcm which is my favorite of anything ever regarding diabetes – a true lifesaver for me. Thanks for any help and personal experience and advice.

  18. Claudia L

    I was wondering if you have tried applying the Dexcom sensor a day before actually activating it. I used to do this with my Libre and got more accurate readings from day 1. I haven't actually tried it for my Dexcom yet, as the readings aren't too bad on day 1 for me…

  19. Robert H.

    Well done. Thank you. I am deliberating whether to start using Control-IQ.

  20. jchester316

    Sadly, the system is riddled with bugs and issues that make it unusable, especially on a smart phone.

    I've had it for under a week and have gone through six(!) pods due to communication errors, bluetooth interference, or general mechanical failure.

    Two pods just straight up didnt deliver the insulin they said they were, causing my blood sugar to skyrocket and forcing me to rush home to use backup insulin.

    Im now out 6 pods and over 200u of wasted insulin. And omnipod themselves (when you can actually reach someone there, wait times are ridiculous) admit that smartphones don't really work well and I should use the PDM – completely defeating the point AND not explaining the lack of injection issue.

    This just wasn't ready for prime time, and I'm shocked it was actually approved and released like this.

  21. Jennifer Botta

    Thank you for such a great informative video, my son is getting it this week!

  22. Jonathan Baugher

    This is awesome I have an omnipod just started it got away from the medtronic. I have the dexcom also and love it.

  23. Kirsten Kay

    It's here check with your supplier

  24. Lisa Deese

    I love the concept of the Omnipod 5 but I am a very brittle diabetic and have been for 50 years. 150 as the highest blood sugar is concerning to me.

  25. Erin Ramsay

    My only concern is that the system only goes to 110. I prefer my sugars to be around 90 or 85 for fasting. I understand that lows are a concern, but with a Dex those are not as scary. I prefer for my a1c to be at close to normal as possible, between 5.2-5.7. This is the best a1c for a body to function. I would rather risk a couple of lows than to run my sugar slightly above and risk longterm and debilitating complications like neuropathy, nephropathy, etc.

  26. The Diabetic Way

    Be nice to be on any
    Omnipod 🙂

  27. My Pawesome Frenchie

    One thing that wasnt mentioned, this new Omnipod 5/dash , does it also act as a BS meter? Or would I have to carry a seperate BG meter? Im currently using the old style where I can check my BG and bolus ine one PDM.

  28. The Happy Diabetic

    I’ve been on the OmniPod 5 for 3 days now, as part of a trial. I love it already. I’ve previously been on MiniMeds since 1991, with Dexcom G6 the last two years. Previously, I’m eating glucose because of too low (especially the middle of the night), or pumping more insulin because too high. Without a change of diet, this has already been mostly eliminated. I had to pump .65 unit this afternoon.

  29. Waleed M Abdelrazik Ewaida

    please tell me what the best omipot 5or tendom or metronic780

  30. OutOf Stamps

    8 year old son. The Dexcom g6 is not always accurate over/under 30 points especially day 9 and 10. Is there a way to adjust pod? Or does it take manually entered BG over the dexcom?

  31. cats2400

    I was informed that the 5 is NOT available for type 2 and the person at Omnipod I spoke with had no idea when or even if it would be, anyone hear anything different

  32. LBoutiqueElectronics

    Haven't heard on how the G6 transmitter battery life will be affected by continual communication with the Omni 5. Any info would be appreciated!

  33. Damian Pugh

    Will this be the best pump to get?

  34. Elijah Nelson

    Can’t wait for it to come to Germany!

  35. suzanne morin

    hi , thanks for this info been waiting, One question I have is about alarms , 2 years ago I tried the guardian with my minimed pomp at the time , but the alarms drove me mad especially you had to acknowledge the alarm each time ( so with gardening hands full of earth , and the alarm signal saying the blood sugar is going up or going down , and using all the batteries in the pompe quicker, so I didn’t keep it after the trial period of 6 weeks …. Since then I’ve got the omnipod and very happy , so the 5 will be welcomed ( unless too many alarms) thanks

  36. Walter Conn

    Omnipod 5 has a lot of advantages. I am thankful to Omnipod and to the FDA. I hope that my insurance will give the approval.

  37. sethkaplan1

    Great overview, and hope this gets a lot more views with the news of FDA’s approval. It’s no surprise this doesn’t quite have the same custom settings as my DIY Loop (mainly in being able to set targets below or above this 110-150 range), but being able to leave RileyLink at home is a huge plus.

  38. Silvia Munoz

    I am super excited for Omiepod 5. Thank you so much for the video. I am a podder.

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