Tandem Diabetes CEO: Using an Insulin Pump Like an iPhone | Mad Money | CNBC

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Jim Cramer interviews Tandem Diabetes CEO Kim Blickenstaff about selling the only touchscreen insulin pump on the market and the stock’s gains over the past year.
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Tandem Diabetes CEO: Using an Insulin Pump Like an iPhone | Mad Money | CNBC
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  1. Greg Boam

    Not so good for type 1 diabetics like me who have to pay extreme costs to buy these supplies.

  2. Available Ava dodd

    I feel bad for her

    Btw not for her diabetes

  3. kallmekrisfan

    Do you do it on the same arm every time

  4. Emma Cowling

    When u forget to change your dexcom and ur in a hurry that was me this morning

  5. Snowi

    I don't rip off cmgs I use olive to get it off lol I love how yall are so funny! And bare in mind.. I watches this and it mu dexcom removal day and annual review :((

  6. David Hart

    Love it, I’ve ripped a few cgm’s off like that.. 😂😂

  7. Shady Character

    With the current situation in the world. Do you have any suggestions or knowledge what one would do without insulin if the medical chain was to collapse?


    #DadOfAllDads with ur young beautiful daughter, who's also a fighter… ,This made me so happy, even though I know it's a battle for y'all.

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