Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3872 Magnetic Under Desk Elliptical

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Fight against a sedentary lifestyle with the easily transportable SF-E3872 Magnetic Under Desk Elliptical by Sunny Health & Fitness. This space-saving exercise machine can help get your legs moving in a forward motion. Large textured foot pedals prevent slippage while in use. This motorized elliptical is excellent for increasing blood circulation, joint range of motion, and improved lower body muscular endurance. Use the tension knob to select 8 levels of belt drive magnetic resistance paired with low maintenance design to provide a wide variety of exercise intensities to fit your specific needs.

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  1. SnoreFlavored

    The star from I Care A Lot and Gone Girl

  2. NicholasPOGM

    how do you stop your office chair with wheels from rolling away?

  3. WDE

    I have one and can't seem to pedal it smoothly. Am I sitting too low?

  4. Ann Jannace

    I have had 2 total knee replacements is this OK forme to use ?

  5. bashscrazy

    just got one in the mail today and im currently using it as I type this and it's pretty loud.
    It's quite annoying how loud it is tbh I can hear it through my headphones

  6. Lisa Buxton

    I just got this for Christmas and the Digital Monitor turns on but will not work. Your website offers no Troubleshooting Guides for the Digital Monitor for this model. I've reset it several times by pressing for 4 seconds, but when I start to use the item, it won't start counting my calories or seconds, etc. When I tried to ask about this on your website, it wouldn't publish my comment. I've looked for Troubleshooting guides on YouTube as the product sheet told me to do, but there are none and I think it's better if you give users a direct link. I don't care to sift through YouTube videos looking for this bit of information.

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