Stroke Therapy at Helen Hayes Hospital for Impaired Vision

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Approximately two thirds of stroke survivors experience problems with vision. Depending where in the brain the stroke occurred, patients may have vision loss or vision perception problems.

Therapists use a range of exercises to strengthen impaired vision, improve blind spots and focus, expand the visual field and reduce double vision or visual select.

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  1. adaboina prashanth

    Sir my right side eye looking double vision what should I do


    I am 21 years And i had brain stroke in which my right side vision lossed, sir did it will recover full??and how many days is required?

  3. العراقي الكربلائي🇮🇶

    هل هاذا علاج لكسل العين

  4. Guy Merritt

    I'm going through the same thing right now…..had a stroke about two months ago and it really just effected my eyes (mostly). Thanks for this video.

  5. julikram Ansari

    sir, How can reduce the accommodation.

  6. random person

    Ah if you cross your eyes like this 🤪 it gave you double vision :3

  7. bikas bk

    She has double vision.She can do computer exercise n pen exercise

  8. bikas bk

    Double vision make nervous people

  9. Zarine Zaidi

    Kindly pls add me on your whatsapp want to ask discuss regarding my eye regards my number is 03362530686. You may check for cofe its from karachi pakistan may be 9221 I am not sure bless you God almighty


    After a stroke, we will start the patient's brain regeneration process in 7-14 days. International Institute of Quantum Genetics.

  11. Nicole Arguelles

    Hello doc I'm Nicole from Philippines I am 18 years old , I have the same eye problem as hers specifically my right eye, I got this eye problem when I was 5 and upon growing up I experienced to be bullied , hope you can help me .

  12. Davidson Tegga

    Good news everyone, I want to use these time to thank Dr oseigba mercy for saving me from STROKE I had since 4 years now.. He cured me with his herbal medication and now am free from stroke.. You can also contact him via email.. or whatsap him +2348141659546..

  13. Amrutha .P Kumar Amrutha

    Dr I have squint eyes does exercise helps me atleast lill bit.i mean my eyes are exactly like hers.iam 24 yrs old.i can see everything without any problem.what should I do

  14. Indian Abotani Productions

    Doctor my left eye see blurr since from childhood what will i do it to gain my vision.
    please help me doctor

  15. Divya Singh

    I have been practicing these eye exercises for a few weeks. And I'm facing severe headache issues also my eyes hurt really bad. My left eye is kinda crossed so I do these to cure that. Should I stop? Or the pain is normal?

  16. Ame Y

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  17. Princess Zander

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  18. Sylvia Kock

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  19. Elizabeth Rogers

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