Storing Your Diabetes Supplies

Storing Your Diabetes Supplies
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Are Diabetic Supplies Covered by Medicare?

Diabetic testing supplies are covered by Medicare.

There may be limits on how much or how often you can get these supplies.

Medicare will not pay for supplies that you didn’t order, so it is important to only accept supplies that you have requested.

All Medicare-enrolled pharmacies and suppliers must submit claims for diabetic testing supplies.

You cannot send in the claim yourself.

Insulin and certain medical supplies used to inject insulin are covered under Medicare prescription drug coverage but not Original Medicare.

Ask if the supplier is a participating supplier in the Medicare program before you get durable medical equipment.

If the supplier is a participating supplier, they must accept assignment.

If the supplier is enrolled in Medicare but isn’t “participating,” they have the option to accept assignment.

If the supplier isn’t enrolled in Medicare, Medicare won’t pay your claim.

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  3. MidnightButterfly222

    insulin is expensive. I use it till the last drop. I have used expired by 2 years insulin vials that was originally kept in stable cold beverage fridge temps and have used open vials kept at relatively warm Hawaii room temperature longer than 6 months for both Lantus and Humalog, and it worked fine for me. only difference to look out for is that the potency has the chance to decline but only a slight bit. not enough to warrant tossing the insulin out. even if it requires a unit or two more to make it work up to the need, to me it's still good insulin. at most i've required an extra 4 units of expired lantus over my normal dose to get the desided result, and at most, an extra 2 units of humalog when using vials expired longer than 1 year. what influences potency the most is if your insulin is being shifted from cold to warm over and over again, only then is when I've experienced a greater decline in potency and increased crystallization.. so it is better I've found to just leave it out in room temp once you open a vial and never put it back in the fridge. this is just my own experience with the mentioned brands of insulin. your diabetes may vary.

  4. Jada Rosenern

    I am not trying to say this doctor is wrong in any way but insulin in use and unopened insulin has to be stored in the refrigerator!!! Please if you know someone with type one diabetes or you have diabetes IF YOU ARE READING THIS!!!! KEEP ALL INSULIN COLD AT ALL TIMES OR ELSE IT WONT WORK!!❤️

  5. Mrboat989

    Without the Sensor to any CGM Pump your only getting half of the capability what the pump can do. Its like buying a plane with no propeller. Medicare by all means should cover these. It prevents lows at night and highs after eating. This is life threating problems all diabetics have.

  6. Lula A. Gregoire

    Indeed,  type 2 diabetes could be cured just by diet properly . 

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