Stop Taking Metformin NOW!

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I have stopped taking Metformin – here is why.

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Stop Taking Metformin NOW!

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  1. abouteverything

    I was expecting him to market his shit lol

  2. Lifting Geek

    Metformin has changed my life for the better. Got me from being a Type 2 Diabetic to now my A1C and daily glucose levels are of a non diabetic. Yes, I do workout 6x a week, which consists of 75 minutes of lifting and then 40 minutes of cardio. Yes, my diet is clean and dialed in. Yes, I don't drink pop, and I do stay away from high fructose corn syrup products, etc.. but apart from bringing my glucose down I was able to break a weight plateau which had me at 224 pounds for two years and then after just a few months on Metformin, I'm at 200 and still dropping 3 to 5 pounds a week!

  3. Baard

    I heard metformin kills your kidneys long term

  4. Cosmic Code

    Marc please link the study. I am Danish. I will give you some feedback on it. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Jeremy Jarvis

    Drugs are bad ummkay? Don't do drugs kids smoke weed instead and don't give a FUCK!

  6. Josh Neil

    One minute he says metformin is good to take now he’s saying don’t take it🙄
    Omg what a fool 🤦🏻‍♂️
    Obviously don’t take advice off this guy!

  7. ShockMaster

    Metformin lowers ur natural testosterone levels . If ur on trt this should not matter, but I think it prevents the conversion of t to dht as well. Since being on Metformin and trt, i never deal with acne, hair loss or any high dht symptoms . I can’t remember the last time I even had a pimple

  8. J. C.

    What about r lipoid acid? Is it not safer?

  9. Sam A

    Dumbest study I ever heard. How did they control it ? stupid

  10. Dragan Karlica

    Hey Marc I recently got diagnosed with Chrons disease and for about 4 months my doctors and I didn’t know what was causing my stomach pain, and I lost 45lbs in that spand. I’m still recovering and I just wanted to maybe get in contact with you because I lost all my muscle. I went from 190 to 150lbs. I’m currently back at 165, mostly stomach fat from my medications. I would love to get in contact with you maybe through here or email? Just to help me get back out there

  11. Rockpaper Scissors

    I would feel guilty for the rest of my life if responsible for my innocent baby boy having genital defects that I haven't chosen for religious reasons.

  12. theron stanford

    my wife was on metformin for almost 20 years and it destroyed her kidneys

  13. Brian Walp

    Garlic 🧄 pills that over the counter stuff
    That been around for years

  14. Isaac Jordan

    John Jewett advises Metformin and he is way way way more knowledgeable than yourself.

    I suggest you sign up to J3 University.

  15. Emilio Suarez

    How do you get the prescription for the metformin if you are not diabetic?

  16. muscleman369

    Check out htp insuload or any "glucose disposal agent" these natural products have chromium, berberine, cinnamon etc and they shove nutrients into the muscles and gives the pancreas a break.

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