Smokers lungs versus healthy lungs

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This demo shows a healthy set of lungs and a set of lungs similar to someone who smoked a pack of cigarettes every day for 20 years. You can see that tar has formed a sticky black layer inside the lungs, which restricts oxygen flow and contributes to cancers forming. Choose to have healthy lungs, and say no to all forms of tobacco.

Learn the best way to quit smoking from our expert:

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  1. Stephanie Oneal

    I showed this to my mother and she still won't stop smoking everything I show she says get that video out my face

  2. Choudhary

    They drink alcohol I drink cow milk , they smoke while I practice meditation we are not the same bro.

  3. 12 34

    Show me one study that shows I will get puss in my lungs from vaping. Lies!

  4. Army1

    My dads mom died from lung cancer caused by smoking STOP SMOKING

  5. 𝙬𝙖𝙭𝙚

    Does blacks count? My mom skomes blacks

  6. Your best Friend Logan

    Now I do have about 4 friends of mine In there 60s smoking 3 packs a day and can out work a lot of young healthy people and still do better then them and they been smoking since the were about 10 years old


    Show the occasional smoking lungs

  8. Whiskey Pete

    I’ve been smoking for 21 years. I do 3 mile runs twice a week. I’m in practically perfect health. Ideal BMI, eat great, sleep great, stay away from stress but I smoke and people love to remind me of how unhealthy it is. People who can’t get their fat butts off the couch unless to get more fatty food and alcohol. Sorry if I don’t want to hear it. How about we start making videos about cheeseburgers and beer?

  9. طارق ابو سليم الاردني

    Im 19 and i seriously need to quit smoking. I smoke both cigarettes and dokha which is known in arab workd (1 hit is equal to 9 whole cigarette which also gives u a strong ass buzz). It really started to affect my thoracic cavity, my organs and my mental health. It also did me bad effecting my apetite, im 5’9 and 52 kgs. Anyone if u have suggestions please help, i appreciate that.

  10. kuyamomark Lyrics

    But the owner of 2 lungs is dead? So whats the point? Just joking guys 😘

  11. DigitalHouse

    gum, mints, cinnamon sticks, and hard candy (butterscotch or cinnamon drops) can help when you feel a craving coming on.

  12. aryan porwal

    But at the end they both are dead 😂

  13. I Eat Kids

    Pains me to watch my father finish a whole pack of cigarettes each day. I hope he stops. Me and my family have tried everything to make him stop.

  14. sheldon dsouza

    Opinion on smoking weed over cigarette for 30 years… what will be the lung condition?


    ok must be healthy and great no fire work gas in 2022 made my tummy hurt no gas i need water to be great amd strong next in 2023 happy new year im wearing face mask for no smoke THANKS FOR TELLING ME

  16. tatyanna suu

    even you dont smoke.
    sometimes you will still breath second-hand/third-hand smoke on the street or balcony.its still a sad thing 🙁

  17. SEA STRUCK54

    Jus smoke weed. even if it is still smoke atleast it is not Tar

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