Should We Be Self-Diagnosing Our Health? | Loose Women

Should We Be Self-Diagnosing Our Health? | Loose Women

🤔💡 Self-Diagnosing Health: Is It Safe? Loose Women Discuss. Don't Miss the Eye-Opening Conversation! #HealthDebate #LooseWomen.

TV presenter Melanie Sykes has ‘self-identified’ herself as having Tourette’s syndrome after she realised that she was “wired a completely different way”. But just how problematic is it to self-diagnose your mental health? Coleen warns that constant research could cause more anxiety than it’s worth. But Kelle admits she did self-diagnose her own son before he could get an official look at his ADHD and dyslexia. Subscribe now for more!

From series 27, broadcast on 18/07/23

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How can women maintain health and independence as they age? Experts Dr. Arun Karlamangla an NIA-funded researcher and geriatrician at UCLA and Dr. Dorothy Fink, director of the Office on Women’s Health discuss the latest research on popular women’s health topics including menopause, sarcopenia, and cognitive health.

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