Rogue Fitness HOME GYM | $$$ SAVING TIPS

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Overview of my home gym setup and some important money-saving tips when building a Rogue home gym. I wanted to buy Rogue Fitness equipment but also keep my home gym cost down. This turned out to be no easy task! After a ton of research, I came up with the best value when putting together Rogue home gym.

In this video, I also show you how to build a deadlift platform. Most DIY deadlift platform are one piece with a wood top, but I wanted mine to be 3 pieces and all rubber. This lets me easily transport it and do deficit deadlifts if I want.

Overall, I’m really happy I was able to build an affordable home gym. I hope this video was helpful and gave you some good powerlifting home gym ideas!

Rogue Fitness Equipment:

Rogue RML-490C Power Rack:
SP3358 Plate Storage Pair – Monster Lite:
Rogue Adjustable Bench 2.0:
Rogue Ohio Power Bar:
Rogue Olympic Plates (Steel):
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  1. Weiyi Liu

    Nice video. I just recently got same rack myself. Can i ask if yours is perfectly balanced? Mine is a little shaking if I push it and i can see one pair of the diagonal foot is slightly up compared to the other pair. Do you know if this would be still safe to use? seems solid when i try pull up

  2. Quito Reyes

    Love the red and black color contrast

  3. Mark Shellmyer

    Very helpful for me. Like your style. Ordering everything today.

  4. Benjamin Garringer

    First impressions – decent quality for home use, size was perfect easy to assemble. Based on some reviews/comments on Amazon. I purchased 3/8 X 1 1/2 washers to avoid any cracking near the bolts. Other than that I had it unboxed and assembled in 15 minutes

  5. MacAllister Strength Co.

    If you want to save money I would suggest you don't buy Rogue. Many other brands out there that will have similar quality for less money. I like that Rogue is made in the USA but there's other US companies like REP that have great equipment for less.

  6. Dr Greywolf

    First money saving tip – don’t get rogue

  7. Tien Doan

    Great tips brother! I’m considering getting this rack, save space and $$$

  8. Forget2BHuman

    so 'saving tips' i assume is just, buy power rack and bench instead of other gear. ez lol


    what is the size of your room. And do you have any cardio equipment in the room

  10. Vicky Vonstein

    Shipping was literally 10%. In Australia we have a 10% on everything, bought locally or from O/S.
    Hardly anything to complain about.
    Overall that is a sweet package you bought there.

  11. Jean-Miguel Ferreira

    lol used the black "wood screws" package says drywall screws

  12. koZmo .seVen

    Hey man, do you still own and use the Rogue Adjustable 2.0 bench after all this time?

    Ever get frustrated with the lack of seat adjustments? Or any other complaints?

    Thank you for your perspective

  13. Velid Agović

    Four steel pipes – 15 $
    Friend with welder and metal drills – 20 $
    Piece of wood for flat bench – 5 $

    Total: 40$

  14. MDJAK

    Good job on the video. Appreciate the price breakdown also.

  15. Chap

    $275 for a powerbar….. oh the olden days…..

  16. Lukas Press

    Great video, thanks for the insights! I just started building my home gym a few months ago, putting a bit money in it from month to month. Started with cheap equipment but wen to rogue fitness now, they are just amazing!

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