Rockville man sues LA Fitness over membership dispute

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A Rockville attorney is suing one of the nation’s largest gym chains, saying it is ripping him off.

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00:00 – How do I cancel my LA Fitness membership by email?
00:38 – What happens if you stop paying LA Fitness?
01:09 – Can LA Fitness send you to collections?
01:38 – Can I cancel my LA Fitness membership anytime?
02:05 – What is LA Fitness cancellation policy?
02:33 – How do you cancel LA Fitness membership?

Laura S. Harris (2021, March 20.) How do I cancel my LA Fitness membership by email?


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  1. Timelessmusic Familymusic

    Didn't know one had anything to do with the other?? I was a member of Bally way way back, paying only $100 a year until the last club close back in 2006 here in Dallas. Join LA Fitness that same year, but at a different location. However, I did run into people I saw at Bally then latter here at LA Fitness. Who knew??🏋️‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  2. Screaming Eagle

    Why dont sharks eat lawyers? Professional courtesy.

  3. Meerim Hamacher

    We lived in Orlando Florida for 4 years, while my husband attended the University of Central Florida medical school. We became members of LA Fitness and also got a personal trainers sessions. We had no issues at all while we were members, we were happy with our membership. My husband finished Med school and we had to move to another state for his residency program. We were in the military for more than 20 years, so we are very familiar with moving. We moved no less than 6 times in the previous 12 years, so we know the drill: start canceling services and memberships when the move approaches. We canceled everything in Orlando: utilities, local memberships, etc – including LA Fitness. In fact, I had to cancel LA fitness even earlier so we could start house-hunting and start packing, since we were very busy during that time and unable to go to the gym. So I called LA Fitness to cancel my membership and they told me that I needed to be present at their office to sign the documents before I could officially cancel the membership. I went to LA Fitness and I signed all the necessary paperwork to cancel my membership on December 26, 2017.
    We moved to different state and I didn't check my credit card statement at all. My husband only recently discovered the continued charges from LA Fitness. They apparently never stopped billing us this entire time. I was billed $90.50 every month. The total of my charges was $1900.50. They charged me for 21 months of membership fees.
    As soon as we discovered this, I called them immediately and asked them to give me a refund. LA Fitness customer support told me that I never canceled my membership and therefor they wouldn't give me my money back. This is fraudulent. They said that I needed to find that cancellation contract to prove it to them. I never assumed this would be a problem; in all the moves we've ever had, nothing like this has ever happened. I don't know where that document is, but there is no doubt that the membership was cancelled exactly as they requested. Moving all over the world, serving in Air force for more than 2 decades, we not one forget to cancel a single membership or any other monthly service. If LA Fitness refunds our money, we will consider the matter complete. If they do not, we will file lawsuits against LA fitness for fraudulent charges after cancelled memberships.

  4. The Show About Nothing

    When LA fitness bought out Bailey's they bought those members contracts also. They should have been grandfather in and kept those contracts in place that's how a real business operates.

  5. PEDRO PONCE jr.08.


  6. 05DELTA05

    Why doesn't he sue the old gym for his money instead of the gym that bought them out . It's not up to LA fitness to get his back it's up to the old gym to pay him back

  7. James Husentoff

    Can’t find a cancellation form on their website.


    1:47 Correction, yes they DO have contracts! Specifically for personal trainers. I was stupid enough to sign one and unknowingly got locked into a year long contract! The only way they said I could get out is if I paid a buyout fee of around $900! ABSOLUTE insanity! No on was able to help me, and I was financially struggling at the time. DO NOT get an Esporta/LA fitness membership!

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