Road to Pro EP 1 – Chest at EOS

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Chest day w the bro mark at Eos fitness

– Socials
instagram – seandicksonn
tiktok – big.seann
snapchat – sean_31dickson

Mark’s Socials
instagram – markus.d.hunter
tiktok – markusfit
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  1. Jessie Marji

    u ever notice how many times u say “bro” 💀

  2. TheGoldenAle !!!

    the vids get better and better man 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

  3. ramon delatorr

    I saw you say some words of wisdom on Markus tiktok that’s how I found you

  4. Kimo

    sean bro i love you but you gotta learn some new words besides bro bro. ❤️

  5. Muhammad Khurram

    Les go !!!! first uploiad in a while

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