Revolutionary Apple Non-Invasive Glucose Monitor – Never Prick Your Finger or Body Again!

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Revolutionary Apple Non-Invasive Glucose Monitor – Never Prick Your Finger or Body Again!

Say Goodbye to Finger Pricks with the Revolutionary Apple Non-Invasive Glucose Monitor! 🍏🩸 Experience the Future of Glucose Monitoring. #HealthTech.

The Apple Non-Invasive Glucose Monitor is a game-changing device that has completely revolutionized the way we monitor our blood sugar levels. Gone are the days of painful finger pricks and invasive procedures. This innovative device uses cutting-edge technology to measure glucose levels without breaking the skin, making it more comfortable and convenient than ever before.

This video takes you through the features and benefits of the Apple Non-Invasive Glucose Monitor, from its sleek and modern design to its intuitive user interface. You’ll learn how the device works and see a demonstration of how easy it is to use.

Whether you’re a diabetic looking for a more comfortable and accurate way to monitor your glucose levels, or simply interested in the latest technology and healthcare innovations, this video is a must-watch. Experience the future of glucose monitoring with the Apple Non-Invasive Glucose Monitor.

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2023 Johns Hopkins Healthcare Design Competition

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  1. Ranie jiawan

    I just can wait for that diabetes type2 always my blood sugar i am prikken my fingers a
    lways i do hope soo thank you

  2. Anonymous

    fake not work i have one 😂😂😂

  3. HailAnts

    Problem with this is it's just like fusion power, it's been '5-10 years away' for over 40 years now.

    I was diagnosed Type I in 1985, and I remember first reading about glucose monitoring using light shined thru your skin barely five years later (IOW since the late 80s). The problem with it is the precision has to be ridiculously high. The amount light changes analogous to your blood sugar is incredibly small.

    This problem has yet to be solved. And believe me, medical device companies have been working on this long before Apple was, like for decades. It is encouraging that Apple, with their enormous wealth and resources, are also. But don't hold your breath.

    As far as the glucose monitoring watches that are out now, they're all Chinese junk. They don't work. Rather they are wildly inaccurate, to the point of being useless, so don't waste your money.

  4. Corey King

    Yeah I don't see this happening, not saying Apple wont try or succeed but they would never claim its a glucose meter in the US because it would then officially be a Medical device which in turn would require a Doctors prescription. Only in the US are you forced to see a doctor in order to buy an Automatic glucose monitor and on top of that Insurance most of the time wont cover it unless your using insulin already.

  5. Diego alberto Mejia

    JJa, más fácil que habiten primero Marte.- solo son vende humo

  6. Dr. Ronald Clark

    As a physician of 40 years, no watch accurately shows glucose at all. I use a FREE app on my iPhone called CARDIO to first do my ECG or Pulse rate then add to the record my O2 and glucose in the note. At the end of the month you send a image of the record to your computer for printing or send it to you physician.

  7. Larry Straub

    OMFG, U showed a Princes Bride. This brought me to thank U to being real. I am a diobetic sorry I say things fineticly. good chanle .

  8. justin dawson

    What would the price for it?

  9. MarkNash

    Huawei watch is much more advanced and coming to the market very soon

  10. MD

    It was 2 doctors in Israel that invented this device about 15 years ago.

  11. Alejandro Alvarez Benitez

    Nice video. Huawei launch watch series 4, they are improving algorithm that is in china market to launch globally the hyperglicemia monitor. Check on those news!!!

  12. bud11dy

    This would be a game changer. But Apple has been working on adding this function for over 10 years now. I would say this 5 to 10 years is a guess more than anything. Im a diabetic and would love to just wear a watch to take my readings. I use free style right now and am thinking about switching to dexcom so my apple watch can get the readings. Still gave you an up, because people still need to see this information

  13. Galaxy Wanderer

    Your inventions bring back the name ELIZABETH HOLMES!!!!!

  14. Stanley Willis

    It will cost $900.00 but no prescription😅.

  15. cds 321

    Bla bla bla bla, even if you give me money I wouldn't subscribe to you. Playing with sensitive subjects….f……of.

  16. hmlab1075

    CAN'T WAIT!!! In the interim, wish a reliable, implantable CGM was available to the masses.

  17. Subodh Pawar

    How much cost of this Pro in India how can buy this please send message

  18. ChicagoTechGuy

    Seeing is believing. All it is as of now is just an idea

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