REP PR 5000 Belt Squat Review: The Best Budget Belt Squat?

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The Rep Fitness PR-5000 and PR-4000 series of Power Racks are some of the best and most versatile squat racks on the market. In order to continue expanding the versatility of their line, they keep coming out with new attachments and the Rep Belt Squat is their latest release.

After using the Rep Belt Squat for a couple months, seeing it’s strengths and it’s weaknesses, I do recommend it for those with the lat pulldown and rack already. I don’t like the workarounds to achieve depth and to start at the top of the rep, but I don’t think they’re absolute deal-breakers.

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  1. Andrés Cortez

    Maybe with 2 step up attachments facing each other you can hit dept

  2. marco lopez

    how is it a lot of work to move it? doesnt attach with just 2 or 4 pins? Also to not start on your knees you can just add a chain to hook belt squat attachment so you can start from standing position and to get depth just add 2 45 bumper plates under or something. I dont have it but trying to convince my self on buying it. lol

  3. marco lopez

    How come u don't use two stwp up blocks or something?

  4. 🏺Claudia Mariani D’Amato🏺

    so its pretty much a cable machine with a belt attachment

  5. dood man

    where's the waiting list to be your friend btw

  6. Danny Pestock

    What’s the total depth of that rack, I have a 4000 with a 41inch cross member but it takes up too much room for anything else and would like to get the rack pull system so I’m considering swapping out for shorter cross members and get more of that set up you have. Curious what the total depth of that system is

  7. Danny Pestock

    Coop, do you think you could use this with your DIY cable pulley system made for lat pulls, using a loading pin?

  8. Thomas Day

    I got one from revolt fitness for £120 gbp

  9. Riptide 10x

    I've got an even cheaper alternative, my boat's trailer hitch. Start's off at around 200 lbs, and add concrete blocks as needed

  10. Steve Rapos

    It was a nice attempt by Rep but a few too many compromises. Still, for the price there is some functionality there.

  11. The Carter Home Gym

    I made a belt squat for the Powertec levergym, using some pieces from the powertec leg press attachment I didn't use anymore and a few other parts.

  12. Acho 33

    you should review the Squatmax MD, have you think about that?

  13. Gregory Pitts

    What are the shoes you’re wearing? Great review BTW. Just got my PR 4000… loving it right now.

  14. Chachee Sanchez

    I literally already have a solution to eliminate having to do an Anderson squat off the ground.. wtf rep… come on mayne…aybe you can get me in touch with their design team and I can run my idea by them…. I'm in colorado too

  15. 可奈由愛

    I want a cheap solution for belt squats.

  16. Xtrem Luck

    If you’re only able to do 2 or 3 pull-ups, which is all we’ve ever seen you do. With piss poor form I might add. Kicking your little toothpick legs to accomplish your 2 reps. Should not be using weight for your pull-ups.
    We all know your ego is your biggest muscle Coop, so telling us you use weights for your pull-ups is only fueling and building your ego which is already 4 or 5 times the size of your lats.

  17. Salvatore DeBlasi

    Good review. I noticed the Rogue dip attachment in the background. Does that work well with the PR 5000 v2?

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