Rep Fitness Garage Gym Tour!!!!

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Taking you on a tour of our garage gym. Almost everything is from Rep Fitness.

Rack: PR 5000 V2 6-post with lat/low row attachment
Bench: Rep FID Bench
Bumper Plates: Rep Fitness & Hulk Fit

Resistance Bands: Rep Fitness

Rack Attachments: dip attachment, leg roller, ankle cuffs, lat & short bars
Bike: Yosuda (amazon)
Dumbbells: Bowflex adjustable (52.5lbs)

Foam Roller & Yoga Mats: Target

Coaches: +


Camera: Canon T8I
Mic: Rode Video Mic Mini

Favorite brands:
Alpha Forward: Dash Hood (wearing) + SO many beautiful fall items dropping TOMORROW 10/16/21

Alphalete Athletics:

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  1. commandoslayer

    The U.S. Air Force flag and the Gadsden flag are amazing decorations. May I suggest some dip attachments, a weight belt and a kettllebell.

  2. marco lopez

    thank your response. thans an awsome rack:) However I really been thinking about getting one of those compact all in one trainners like the force G6 or bodycraft rdf etc…dont know what to do yet

  3. marco lopez

    How long is it from the front to the back including a 45 plate loaded on lat pull down attachment t?

  4. marco lopez

    So I been reading that with the 6 post and lat pull down attachment it's a pain to take of and load weights on the lat pull down pegs since wight plates store on rear post will interfiere with loading plates on lat pull? This is with lat attachment installed in the middle of rear post to save more space. The solution will be to install attachment behind storage post but this will make rack streamly long:( or install lat attachment in middle of rear storage post and move rack away from wall about a foot but it will be the same thing too as far a floor space.
    So how true is this? Well, I see that u have it attached behind the rear post so thats not a problem for u

  5. Matthew O'Hara

    I have same bench and looking at same setup (except 30” crossmembers). Do you find any limitations with using your bench and it hitting the RBS…for incline or military press? I’d like to avoid adding foot extensions and spotter arms if I can. Also do you find any interference with the weight storage uprights & getting plates on & off the lat attachment? Thank you!

  6. Emmanuel Seals

    Those bent rows were so uniform, I thought you were on a smooth machine

  7. pinoyromeo69

    Question on your Rep rack: I see that you placed your rear stabilizer and top cross member to the rear connected to the plate holder uprights. I was thinking of doing that also to have more room with pulley system but when I contacted Rep Fitness they stated the rack will be more u stable since the top cross member and rear stabilizer is meant to be between the rack and the weight storage uprights.

    Have you had any issues with the way you have yours set up? Thank you in advance.

  8. miamifins4

    That looks like the 41 inch length rack, is that correct? How do you like that and did you consider the 30 inch length at all? Would the 30 be big enough you think or do you see the 41 as being more useful?

  9. Bill H

    Hi Rachel. I'm retired AF. I love the flags you have in the gym. I was going to buy the Bowflex Dumbbells, then I thought about Nuobell or Power Blocks. They are good at saving space but if you drop them, they are done. I finally decided it would be more cost effective to buy a set of 5-50 Rep Hex Dumbbells because they will last forever. Thanks for the video.

  10. marco lopez

    Which ones are easier and more convinient to use the Flip down safeties or the strap safeties for rep fitness rack? What are the advantages or disadvantages of using one vs the other one??
    Also should I get pr4000 or PR 5000 vr2 rack? I can also get the same attachments the PR 5000v2 for the PR 4000 right?


    Great Content Rachel! Just subscribed! Looking forward to watching you grow on your journey!

  12. The Kurtlocker

    looks like an awesome space! Repping that AF flag. I imagine there's a fellow Airman in the house!

  13. Jon O

    Thanks for the review! Do you think the lat attachment makes the overall length of the rack too long? I'm trying to figure out if adding it to the 5th and 6th posts would make it stick out too far.

  14. Coach Carp

    Why would Hulk Fit make bumper plates in the wrong colors? Normally or standard colors are: 55-RED, 45-Blue, 35- Yellow, 25- green.

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