Quitting Health Care: 300,000 Fled the Medical Field, Now Many More Are Planning Their Escape

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Quitting Health Care: 300,000 Fled the Medical Field, Now Many More Are Planning Their Escape

Shocking Truth: 300,000 Abandoned Health Care! Prepare to Be Amazed as Many More Professionals Plan Their Escape. Find Out Why Now! 😱

Quitting Health Care: 30The next phase in America’s “Great Resignation” is shaping up to be a huge problem for U.S. access to medical care.

Doctors and other healthcare workers are leaving their jobs in droves.

In 2021, more than 300,000 fled the medical profession – more than one-third of them were doctors.

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  1. dianne redd

    Since when is abortiona health care? Are you caring for the baby!? Is it caring to him or her? Care. .. care .. poor baby.. I can’t have any and babies are thrown out. Can’t adopt because not enough babies. Don’t want to bring a baby in the world ? Well my world is full of love maybe you don’t see it that way. Rape ? Not the babys fault he happened. Give it away and it will be raised in love. Aborting the baby won’t get rid of the memories of the tape but the babys laughter and smiles will bring some barren families happiness. Don’t let the baby pay for the sins of the man.

  2. Alicesbeloved2

    As a RN- not acceptable wage drop, toxic management/supervisory, and lack of Safety in Psych with being asked to have no barriers, be on the floor, wages too low, and toxic management. So yes no thanks & Im a new RN( 7 yrs) 🤦🏼‍♀️✋🏼bye! I’m

  3. NotSoTypikal

    It’s horrific. Can’t wait to get out!!

  4. Properly Disrespectful

    That's why I'm here!

    I'm not in the clinical part, but even I'm trying to get the eff out! It's not enjoyable anymore!
    And it's not just the government, it's these organizations too! They're greedy! They're working ppl to oblivion and don't want to pay you.
    And what's worse, even the patients are becoming monstrous and entitled. The whole industry has just turned upside down and I'm getting the EFF out of it!!

  5. Rune of Svalbard

    1. Healthcare is not healthcare; are you trained as a pill salesman.
    2. Total burn-out, over-worked, over-time, all the time.
    3. The staffing is really bad, so nurses are over-burdened on their floors.
    4. The social atmosphere for staff and patients is becoming bad; a toxic environment where bullying and intimidation are becoming rampant.
    5. The pay is usually not enough to justify the degree and a continuation in the field. Why work for $80k full time, while a travel nurse will get 50%-150% more pay to do your job for a month?

    All of these factors are going to inevitably lead to a collapse of the healthcare system. Physical and mental health in the United States has never been worse. Plus, the calls for a single-payer system are gaining head-way in politics. If people think it is the solution to healthcare, then they are not paying attention to the causality.

    Get insurance companies and Medicare OUT of this business, make Pharma patents open-source, and end the FDA and CDC protocols. All they are is a giant circus for corporations to bribe and infiltrate, all so they can use the power of law to subdue their competitors and rip you off at the hospital and pharmacy.

  6. Luke Smith

    Western civilization is crumbling and these rich people like Bill Gates & Jeff Bezos laugh because they are the cause. Wile agenda? This dude is dumb it has nothing to do with a woke agenda.

  7. racer x

    I read a comment on another medical video and that nurse called nursing the golden handcuff. It payed good but you got treated like trash.

  8. Rick M

    Also. Healthcare should not be provided to illegals. None.

  9. Rick M

    We have seen the real purpose of healthcare and it’s money not health.

  10. Montanagal

    RN looking to leave. C ruined whatever was left, now it's completely broke.

  11. Nikka Troy

    Put into perspective that most doctors are controlled by insurance, private equity firms, and corporations that do not include real medical professionals, but business execs. The doctors are leaving because they either still have a moral compass, or they aren’t making enough money to pay back ridiculous school loans. Ask yourself why big PHARMA coaches doctors, providers, to preach against herbal medicines, yet uses those same herbs, compounded with chemicals, dyes, and other harmful substances created in a lab, not to mention that 99% of modern medicines is created with petroleum. Then ask ourselves why our own government library of medicine reported that Prescription Medications are the 3rd leading cause of death in the western world. Greed, corporate lust is killing the world.

  12. Yolanda Beckon

    The government needs to be revamped. Take all these greedy governments out of business.

  13. Youtube Viewer

    I'm an RN, and I am a part of the statistic leaving the field after 10 years. I just started classes for a completely new profession.

  14. Pablo

    I left 2023. Worked as a firefighter paramedic for 8 years

  15. Ace ocean

    This is too political for me I can’t take it seriously

  16. Bruce Li

    The Globalists co-opted by China is destroying the Family, community, hard working Americans, men, and real science.
    This is the Marxists agenda. We must fight as if our life depended on it. Because it does.

  17. Coty Salisbury

    I hate our government as well but this is just the first time saying this.

  18. Cindy Eisenberg

    We had DRGs in the 80’s. That’s what the republicans put into place. That was the first time that the government got involved with healthcare. Everyone blames the democrats, only. I had more trouble with short staffing, starting in the 80’s. I’m disabled now. Even when I stated working in the office, it was too difficult, as well. Also, medical professionals are going to jail, now, if they make a mistake. But, the profession is too fast paced.

  19. Michelle

    Left at the start of the pandemic. Institutions need to go. Mask, mandates and no ethics who wants to work there???

  20. Locochino LVideos

    🧢 More political propaganda. I as well as many others don’t even get called after applying for 99% of jobs even after Covid. My limited military experience isn’t even enticing enough for fast food, retail, let alone hospital jobs like patient transporting.

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