1. Rani Mukhi

    Thanks! very good demonstration I don't to go to the pharmacy

  2. Chuck Hall

    Very helpful, easy to understand, and an excellent presentation. Thank you for this informative video.

  3. Magda Alexander

    Thank you. This was very helpful. The kit's instructions are not very clear. The video helped explain everything very well.

  4. Taxi 2HB

    You forgot one last thing, how to safely get rid of the used lancet. After use point the pen downwards and push the used lancet into the big opening of the twisted off cap(positioned sturdy on the table's surface). While its sharp part is safely recapped again, you then can reject the lancet from the pen.


    Hi. Thos is my first week using this monitor. Are you to add the blood sideways on the dot or on top?
    Have you encountered any issues with accuracy?

  6. Gregory D. Wilson

    Thank you for posting this.

  7. Ali Yousefi

    i also have the same device but how I can change it from mmol/l to mg/dl?
    I read the operation manual but I did not find anything about the change.

    I would be very glad if someone can help me…

  8. Ada Diaz

    Thank you so much we are helping my Dad and the cvs personal did not wanted to show us how to use it and he was very rude he did not even scan the strips we no had and I call the doctor and the receptionist made an appointment within 2weeks omg 😱 thank you so so much🌹❤️ it is really helpfull😍🙏👍🌼❤️🌹

  9. Allie Bart

    Nice, I use FreeStyle libre with Nightrider, it help me to continuous track the glucose on the phone. They are a game changer, save me having to do multiple finger pricks everyday.

  10. David Edger

    Very clear, helpful video. I had questions after reading the instructions and you answered them all. Thank you.

  11. Pozer714

    Your reading was a 91 or a 9.1? 91 is super high?

  12. Rosalie Obordo

    Hi, i've the same unit but i can't open the battery door. On this one it doesn't have a small slit so you can slide the door off the battery. Can you give us also a quick demo on how to open the battery door to change the battery please.

  13. bigbobst2009

    Is there a way to turn off the sound on the metter?

  14. Nivia Soto

    Thank you sooo much for helping me use this lov you

  15. JJ Washington

    Thanks for the help.😊👍🏽👍🏽

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