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Forget the baby foot peel. Today’s video I give dermatologist MUST DOs for how to fix dry cracked heels & get summer ready feet. AFFORDABLE tips!

This video is not sponsored. Some of the links below contain affilates.
Vionic slippers
Eucerin roughness relief spot treatment
Dermatonics foot cream
Sweat block

For green nails vinegar soaks: 1 part white vinegar to 4 parts water. Soak 10-15 minutes, then dry off. Do this 1-2 times a day til improved. Takes a few weeks to months to see improvement.


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Video Rating: / 5

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  1. howardproductionco

    I put it on my hands, because they kept cracking around the nails. Gone in one night. Wow! I got some on my face and it seemed to do wonders in that wrinkle spot, because I leaned against my hands. Will kerasal hurt a face? Thank you.

  2. Charlie Mcdowell

    Doctor, what are your thoughts on barefoot running/minimalist shoes? I noticed you emphasized the importance of arch support even in slippers. Working on concrete and hiking I developed plantar fasciitis (though the Doc said my feet were perfectly healthy otherwise). After switching to minimalist shoes and gradually building up my foot and ankle muscles, I haven’t had any more plantar fasciitis, strained arches, or hot spots on my feet, or blisters. Especially interested in your response since you said you were a runner. Thanks for your time!

  3. Glenda Keenleyside

    I’ve been using Karasal every night for 2 weeks now and have not noticed a difference. I put socks on as soon as I rub the ointment on my heels. I even tried using it morning and night for the second week. (Obviously I wash my feet first.) I have always worn slippers in our house and like you, I have few shoes and the shoes I do have, fit well. I’m not a runner however, I do shop for tennis shoes at the running store because they fit the shoes according to my walk. What am I doing wrong?

  4. June B

    I have thick calluses on the side of the ball of my feet, I’ve used Kerasal consistently but it doesn’t seem to do with anything. I think I need to just physically remove my calluses, none of these gentle removal methods are working

  5. Lindsay Mader

    My OBGYN said to avoid products with urea during pregnancy as it’s in L3 and is not well studied in pregnancy.

  6. Debbie Arnold

    What about toenail fungus? Any soaks or product recommendations for that?

  7. Bethany McLean

    I add iodine and blackstrap molasses to my coffee. This really improved my skin especially my feet.

  8. bushrasew

    I removed too much calluse , and I feel so bad are they going to grow again?

  9. MelieSue

    I’m so glad I just found this video! For some reason I have been struggling with horribly dry, cracked, scaly heels for the past couple years and I don’t know why! I never had crusty, cracked heels before. They’re so bad that they sometimes crack open and bleed 😩. I’m about to buy up all of these products you mentioned!

  10. Barbara Lacina

    I managed one of the shoe salon for 3 years for Neiman Marcus. I learned the value of wearing the best shoes you can afford that fit well. It is best not to wear the same pair of shoes 2 days in a row. Your feet can perspire a half a pint of fluid a day. It’s best for your shoes to dry out completely so they can retain there shape and continue to give you the best support for your feet., If you are on your feel all day it’s best to change your shoes halfway through your day. A different shoe will fit differently and give your feet, back and legs a rest.

  11. Genesis U.

    When wearing socks or slippers, feet can sweat. Doesn't that also contribute to fungus? If so, what can we do to avoid it from happening in general?

  12. Kathryn Stewart

    Such a great video! Wishing you good health and no-Covid for 2022! Also Kerasol is definitely the way to go. Hurry up, summer and sandal weather !

  13. Vikingdescendent

    Thx for the info, it's time to take care of my feet. As daily power exercise walker, my feet are a disaster. Good shoes can only do so much. Btw, I sympathize with the kid running upstairs. I experienced 15 years of 3 families with kids and their 2 hour average running sessions….

  14. Whoneedstoknow

    I have indoor crocs 🤣🤣

  15. mimi008

    Did she say her floor is made of teeth?? 😳

  16. ej

    I use Cerave psoriasis cream for for my feet. It's cheaper than Kerasal and has a bit of lactic acid in it. It has been a godsend for my rough feet – got rid of my rough heels that often tore through thin socks/stockings and my toes look amazing.

  17. Bernadette Nadine

    love your content you're funny doc love your straight talk lol

  18. Christine P.

    I'm totally confused now. You say not to walk around barefoot, but I've had more than a couple of podiatrists tell me I should as being barefoot keeps my feet out of dark and potentially dark places like socks and shoes. (dark and damp encouraging the growth of fungus)

  19. Smileholicfox

    Because of my adhd which brings hypersensitivity in my life if I wear socks I have to put lotion on them first. And I'm a bit of afraid of socks and the feel ugh so I'm alwas barefoot…

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