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Getting Grillz For The First Tim: What To Expect


Got my teeth professionally whitened for the first time. The procedure was pretty straight forward. 3-20 minute rounds of laser treatment and that’s pretty much it.

There wasn’t a massive jump in colour grades but I was happy with the result that I got. Will try out the proper procedure later on down the line but this was a good starting point.

Calling all creatives to join me on this journey. Lets give our dreams a chance to become reality. Fear is Temporary, Regret is Forever.

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This is a Professional in Office Laser Teeth Whitening treatment performed by Just Smile Dental Hygienists in Toronto. It shows how laser teeth whitening is done
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    Went & got Grillz for the First Time. Link in Description ⬆️

  2. xl CrossYou lx Ix

    How much the average price

  3. Giabriel Logan

    That's beautiful, thank you for sharing the process

  4. Robert Wirütin

    Helpful, thanks for uploading.

  5. Jordan Thomas

    Can't be looking too Hollywood or you'll get jumped haha. So true.
    Especially where i'm staying right now, Centro, Barranquilla, Colombia. Real hood shit. Its about £80 for me to get teeth whitened here, i'm keen.

  6. Jethro Teece

    It took me about 2 minutes to realise that you weren't rapping 😂

  7. revis ampura

    You a funny guy, got me lauging bro

  8. Dixie V

    Does it last 8 months or 8 weeks? x

  9. Maronica Campbell

    hello your hat cast a shadow

  10. cat lady

    Did the third session hurt much?
    I'm going to Turkey for some dental work and bleaching scared it will hurt because my teeth are so sensitive.. 😬

  11. MS DARK

    Instant subscribe bro! You're using my favourite music, time is against us by Nova, and that's so epic!! Also great video!!

  12. kobe Galaura

    How much did you pay for that man?

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