Presenting Treatment Options for Small Cell Lung Cancer

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Presenting the standard treatment options for patients diagnosed with small cell lung cancer.

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Treatment responses commonly seen in patients who are treated with chemotherapy as a frontline option for extensive-stage small cell lung cancer, and considerations for using a regimen that includes atezolizumab up front.
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  1. Me Floveme

    Is there any medical test for SCLC treatment? my friend wants to volunteer

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  5. Harvey Doctor

    For about three years, I battled an intermittent cough. It would turn up in winter and disappear by spring, then I would forget about it. But in the autumn of 2014, it came early. In October, my wife, Rita, called a local pulmonologist. The first appointment they could give us was three months away. So we waited.

    In January 2015, I saw the doctor, who ran several tests, including a chest CT, which revealed a small nodule in my lung’s right lower lobe.

    A little more than three months later, I had a repeat CT scan. The results came in just before Memorial Day weekend, but at this time was diagnosed of lung cancer and the doctor recommended surgery to remove the nodule. I decided I wanted to get a second opinion.

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    Diagnosed with small cell lung cancer. Didn’t my chemotherapy and Radiation. My post treatment scan came out clean…. now 4 months after my last scan my lung is showing some signs of The doctor says looks like an infection… maybe pneumonia….. and could be cancer return. We are trying antibiotics first. And the Doctor will re-check me with a CT in a few weeks. Keep praying.

  7. Barbara Iva

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  8. Christy J Howard

    I am a 51 year old single mom of three children. I was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2018, I have been through 38 radiation treatments as well as chemo treatments. While doing the radiation treatments, the pain in the spine had just about gone away. Now that the treatments have stopped the pain in my spine is worse than before. An MRI was done and the tumor still isn’t shrinking and it seems to be worse. I owe all thanks to my friend Helen who introduced me to Dr Harvey a herbal doctor that saved my life and helped me cure my lung cancer with his wonderful herbal remedy and I will urge everyone suffering from this dreadful illness to also contact him for the cure.

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