Possible new medical breakthrough gives hope for people with Type 1 diabetes l GMA

Possible new medical breakthrough gives hope for people with Type 1 diabetes l GMA
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Possible new medical breakthrough gives hope for people with Type 1 diabetes l GMA

In a story first reported by The New York Times, a revolutionary cell transplant helped restore one man’s natural ability to create and regulate insulin, offering him a potential new lease on life.
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  1. Kevin Bell


  2. Kevin Bell

    I knew there was a catch. Big pharma and a representative who's name ends with CIA.
    So –
    ' we can kinda… help, but you'll have to take other drugs (which we coincidentally have for sale) and could result in you dying from something completely unrelated as your body can't defend itself due the crap we sold you.'

  3. Tim Nolte

    I've been dealing with type 1 diabetes for 36 years. Definitely been a ride.It is full time job on top of full time job.I am praying for a cure one day.I know how you feel now it must be remarkable.Thanx for sharing.Tim

  4. Eamonn Walsh

    I’m a diabetic and I hear this news every few months, however I believe big pharma will never let it happen

  5. Baby TigTig

    Wonderful story, please more coverage of Type 1 diabetes.

  6. Fizzy Fwesh

    Thanks for giving me your attention and making everything a peaceful experience for me. Your kindness gave me more hope than ever, thank you Dr osaye for successfully curing my diabetes

  7. sumit singh

    I hope this therapy will come soon so that all t1-d can live thier life better I now that live with type-1 is very challenging . 🤞

  8. Solomon Agwam

    Good day everyone, my testimony goes like this, i was once in diabetes patient, but I thank God today for sending a wonderful man which is Dr itepu for using his harbal medicine to cure me, doc I will forever be greatful to you Sir

  9. Meron Kebede

    I have had type 1 for23 yrs and I always am in struggle to keep my glucose in normal range but somehow it’s so hard I always am told I’m in DKA when ever any Dr. Runs a urine test … I feel so hopeless when ever I’m told this and there’s nothing I can do better but live for the day ….. it’s really the saddest thing to live with…. This man is so lucky 🙏🏾

  10. Vicky Sunday

    Hello everyone, I’m here to share my great testimony on how I got cured of my Diabetes disease with the natural herbal medication I ordered from Dr IGUDIA on his YouTube channel

  11. Carlos Ortega

    Glad to hear this… A good question is DOES HE EATS WHAT HE WANTS OR IN A DIET? thanks

  12. Sally friendi

    I creid with this video.
    I pray for you guys and God bless you.

  13. EyeInTheSky

    always with the immune suppressive kick in the teeth in the end, wonder who manufactures those… hopefully the new coating/encapsulation stuff these companies are working on that hide the betta cells from the immune system attack will put an end to that as well


    I can’t stop thanking and recommending Dr IGUDIA on YouTube to everyone who suffers from type 2 Diabetes because I was once suffering from it too, But with the help of Dr IGUDIA I was able to get rid of totally with his herbs medication.

  15. bslomof -1

    This is not a cure, it's a trade off- and his immune system is suppressed!

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