Pogo Blood Sugar Monitor

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The Pogo is the only all-inclusive, no-strip, no-lancet blood sugar device that can be synced to the clinic, so we can identify problems before they become crises.
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  1. Camaro ZL1 Guy

    I tried this and don't recommend it. It it's a great idea but the execution leaves a lot to be desired. For one, the lancets built into the cartridge are more painful than say, OneTouch Ultra Softs. Secondly, the Pogo lancet fails to draw enough blood about 15% of the time and I can't even squeeze enough blood out of my finger to get a sufficient sample. So I get one to two failed tests out of every cartridge. In short there is a lot of waste to this device. I will be switching to another BGM as soon as I use up all of my Pogo cartridges.

  2. Robert F

    Notice how she doesn’t answer peoples questions in regard to accuracy? I have this machine and I am going g to buy a secondary monitor because I am concerned that it’s not accurate.

  3. Carol Ficorilli

    How do you download the data to your computer to a cloud. What software management do you use?

  4. SylvanExposures

    Has accuracy issues. Never gets close to what my prick and stick glucometer would say. Even did a calibration check but still unreliable.

  5. Vern Turnquist

    I would expect a DOCTOR to actually tell me how accurate this device is

  6. Flora Dean

    Nice video, I diagnosed with T1 and use the FreeStyle Libre sensor with Blucon transmitter, I track blood glucose readings on watch and phone constantly and the phone gives alarm notifications when the glucose is out of range.

  7. Anthony Chappell

    Awesome orientation Dr. Van Dyke 😄

  8. Shreya Rastogi

    Nice video, I monitor my blood glucose levels by using FreeStyle Libre sensor and Ambrosia Blucon device. It update readings on phone app every 5 minutes without painful finger prick and give alarms too for out of range glucose values.

  9. Jump Rope Veteran

    Thanks for the review, Dr. VanDyke. How accurate would you say the Pogo is?

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