Planet Fitness Virtual Tour

Planet Fitness Virtual Tour
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Planet Fitness Virtual Tour

Welcome to Planet Fitness – The Judgement Free Zone®. With every membership, enjoy unlimited access to your home club, the support of our friendly, knowledgeable staff anytime you need it, and tons of cardio and equipment so you never need to wait in line.

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  1. Technocratic தமிழன்

    If u wanna be thankful give me a free whey protein shake or creatine

  2. crocfixio

    lol pizza mondays !! is this a fukin joke

  3. Steve D

    My experience at PF: everyone looks down and not talk. The place is quiet like a library except the stupid house music. People hogging machines doing nothing but staring at their phones. I left there and went to a real gym a couple blocks away. Lots of big dudes, small dudes, fat dudes, and skinny too. Strength levels all over the board. No one judges others. Some of the biggest Kodiak bear size competitive powerlifters are also some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. I’m one of the weaker people in that gym and no one has ever judged me. PF needs to quit fostering a stereotype that doesn’t exist except in some Golds Gym in SoCal. And we’re all cool and I’ve made a lot of new friends.

  4. Poly Graf

    Кто нибудь знает как удалять аккаунт у них?

  5. Alejandra Martinez

    Me gustó el video… aún que me hubiera gustado más saber que dijo😆

  6. Frank Lee

    So, no grunting, slamming weights, and here's some pizza. Can I have a staff member do my workout too, or is that for black card members only?

  7. Jabari James

    They bitch to much about dumbest shit
    Like looking at tv after working out – he keeps looking – if I don’t look at my surrounding they pointing phones at me – staff fucking weridos and they let people check in to take boxing classes in locker room with guys but naked stepping out of a shower to put clean clothes on

  8. Ozbee Mralee

    This is for old, lazy people or newbies

  9. Uliy Golubev

    You can have the best services, and people will STILL be miserable and angry. These hate "opinions" are people projecting their anger. STFU and be grateful that there is a cheaper gym option. Don't like it? Go the gyms with the huge body builders. This gym is made for beginners. Go heal all your traumas too, you wounded children… Lol

  10. 1974rafaeloliveira

    You should upload a video about your lunk alarm.

  11. Đức Trần

    Do I get a n-word pass for being a black card member?

  12. shawshank _

    $10 for 1 month in a gym this big is tbh not a bad deal

  13. S L

    Your atmosphere seems really judgemental though….youre judging and policing a demographic you dont like. Its like the cringey purple haired SJW of gyms. Ill pass.

  14. The Enlightened Male

    With all that free pizza you guys should be called Planet Fatness

  15. Dantés Inferno

    Your demographic are clueless individuals like fattys, soccer moms and boomers with no knowledge of how progress is made xD

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