Planet Fitness | Is it worth it?

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Hi Y’all! I joined Planet Fitness, and I want to talk about it.

Specifically, I would like to see if Planet Fitness is worth the price. Does it have good equipment? What do the locker rooms look like? What are the pricing plans?

I take a look at all of these questions and more as I review Planet Fitness.

Planet Fitness:

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  1. Victor Alvarez

    Some Planet Fitness are open 24-hrs depending on what city you live in. I’m in Mississippi so idk what it’s like in other parts of the country.

  2. Notorious Kenny Premium

    I’ve started working out at Planet Fitness for the past year now. And it’s actually a pretty good gym not going to lie. But before I started working out at L.A. Fitness. I didn’t really enjoy working out there that much.

  3. RipCity

    Planet Fitness thinks they are giving such a great deal with the 0 down 10 a month but if you really want to impress me then waive the annual maintenance fee.

  4. Hamza Alsaadi

    I haven’t hit the gym since high school lol. I’m tryin to get back into shape but I forgot how to lift and what to do. Is there any trainers to help you get started?

    PS I’m not sure if that was your gym but you just showed everyone which one you are going to just a heads up. Not tryin to be creepy just FYI.

  5. Kenny Begeske

    Planet Fitness needs Charging Station for 📱

  6. Shawn's Sports Cards

    Just started membership today. Gonna try it out tomorrow. Thanks for the video

  7. Rydiggydawg316

    PF is good for a gym beginner, someone on a tight budget, if there is no other gym within reasonable driving distance, or someone who isn't dedicated to working out. If you're an intermediate/advanced lifter who actually wants to put on muscle mass or increase power, then pass this one up since they don't have the means/don't allow one to do regular bench-presses, barbell squats, or deadlifts (IE: the three must-do exercises for any strength/muscle building workout program). The pizza and bagel days are just another way to undermine the willpower of those who aren't fully dedicated to perfecting their body and fitness level.

  8. Highway XJ

    Planet fitness is awful. Sure it’s cheap, it has decent equipment, but the stupidity of their policies has made me want to quit. Let me share my experience:

    PF has a policy of No Personal Training allowed. I am in pretty decent shape. My wife however has gained close to 100lbs after breaking her back in an accident and also surviving breast cancer. We were given instructions from her physical therapist that we can take to any gym and work out on our own. I was helping her do the exercises so she doesn’t injure herself when I was approached by the 19 year old snotty college kid telling us there is no personal training allowed. I told her that this is my wife and I need to help her exercise so she doesn’t injure herself. The girl said, “im just doing as im told, and I was told that if it looks like personal training then it IS personal training”

    We were absolutely disgusted. PF is suppose to be the judgement free zone yet we were judged because we look like an unlikely pair.

  9. abprepboy33

    best time at planet fitness is early in the morning- before 6 am

  10. Izaac Rodriguez

    Nah try the next up for budget they don’t have barbells which means less range of motion which means less gains

  11. Mortimer Snerd

    Is it worth it? I would say yes. Its easily the least expensive gym in my area. It has lots of high quality, relatively new equipment. In my case, it is less than a mile away. My wife went there for a while for these reasons, and I went as a guest a couple times. But I find myself commenting here simply because I became aware of the “Lunk Alarm” and discovered that some people are disturbed by people carrying around gallon water jugs. This sort of sums up why I do not go there. It is more or less a “starter” gym and you will grow beyond its limitations long before you reach your fitness goals. I understand that a gym might be a scary place. You don’t know what you are doing and possibly self conscious in some way. Yes, I get it. I remember that. But at 55 and having been a gym customer for about 20 years, I can say simply just be patient. You will get over it. I find the lunk alarm ridiculous. If you think carrying around excessive water is offensive, you have never really had a good work-out. A good work-out is one where you feel better and stronger than you thought was possible. As a life-long cyclist, a good ride on a hot day requires about a half gallon per hour. Do you really want to use the water fountain? Yes, slamming weights is annoying. Its bad form at best. But a “lunk alarm”? Come-on. That’s dumb. Is that giant guy or gal in the corner kind of scary? Maybe so. My suggestion is watch him or her. What you will learn is a real human can do impressive things, not just something on TV. Just knowing that a real person can move 200 pounds easily, maybe you shouldn’t be so afraid of 75. The gym I go to is not particularly “cool”. Its no spa. They could use a re-model. The equipment is good, but worn. The fees are roughly $30/Mo. But it does have a pool, sauna and lots of classes. Don’t be afraid of that super-fit person. Make them your friend. Just say hello and ask how to use a machine if you have a question. You will learn from it and understand that real people do this stuff and you can do it too. All I would say is definitely pick a gym. Even Planet Fitness. Our sedentary culture is killing us. Im just suggesting you will grow out of planet fitness before you grow into yourself. Don’t be afraid of ones with a few “lunks”. Just remember, when you do finally hit some fitness goals in the months ahead, doesn’t mean its OK to drop your weights.

  12. Shae Penny-Who

    My husband and I are going for the first time tomorrow, hopefully it’s as nice as yours 😂 good job for getting out there! 😁

  13. The Oracle Kennedy

    Planet fitness is very under handed and lies. Their website and staff have lied about billing to me on multiple occasions. I just resigned with them and got screwed once again. It said on their site, sign up today owe this amount and then I'll be charged x amount at these dates. LIES. They charged me day off and now charged me for the full month of December on the 21st. This is not what the site had listed. Also FYI they have rules on when you can quit without being charged but they'll still charge ya anyways. All in all planet fitness is a scam

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