Personal Training Session

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Personal Training with Michael Long at CSUSB Student Recreation and Fitness Center

In this QUAH Sal, Adam, & Justin answer the question “What are the positives and negatives of being a trainer? Do you have any advice that you wish you knew when you first started?”

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Video –
“Pros & Cons of Being A Personal Trainer”

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  1. Khupmuansang

    thankyou soo much for sharing ❤️

  2. sohka Thatch

    First thing you should do is stretches / Yoga before any workout which helps loosen up and allowed more air flow inside your body. I don't know why this trainer is so ass backwards. Video is fair training could've been better in my opinion..

  3. mark kilbride

    What a nice lad. Trying to set out the form, routine well. I would simply be asking her where she felt it (with the addition of some weight) so she knows which muscles she should be feeling it in. Also to brace the core on deadlift and rows. Well done young man.

  4. Luisa Rusche

    how her teaches her the RDL makes me cry 🙁 PLEASE, for the sake of your back, keep that bar close to you legs!

  5. Travis Wand

    she looks so uncomfortable LOOL

  6. Mostafa ELALAMI

    thank you for sharing this video with us . Vanessa you did a good job Bravo

  7. Tien's Amateur Workouts

    Anybody needs a free personal trainer?

  8. Let's learn

    This girl looks so sweet and innocent

  9. amnezija

    NEVER ever do romanian deadlifts like that. Its pure death for your spine. The bar is supposed to be as close to your body's centre of gravity, meaning you have to basically scrape the barbell aling your legs on way down and up.

  10. Aporupa Purkayastha

    Good trainer upload the few more workout videos

  11. The Conscious One

    Where is the intensity though?

  12. Deepika dubey

    I also wanna to become a personal trainer….

  13. Fitness filter

    Never lock knee during squats .Got it

  14. Kevin Burtnick

    I usually dont read comments, I will resort back to that. I feel like I'm back in elementary school. Amazing some think we could actually change the world, Heres a take away, you got nothing nice to say, don't say anything. One last take away, the best one —> treat others the way you want to be treated. Thats real strength.

  15. Bane

    It depends how we define a lot of money. The average rate for a trainer by me is around 60 an hour. That's so much money. Of course sessions aren't back to back but if you work 4hrs per day you get 240 dollars. That is like making 30 dollars an hour for an 8hr shift. It's actually better in some ways because if you have your own business you can do it off the books so that isn't even being taxed.

    But it all depends how we define a lot of money. I talked to a guy a few months back and he said he makes 40 an hour, he thinks that is bad money.

  16. Its_Simply_Tru

    I’m a school counselor, so I have a lot of background on knowing how to work with people and supporting them. It’s also a-lot on my personality. I also love fitness and go straight to the gym after a long stressful day from work. My job can take a toll on me mentally and fitness keeps me sane. For years, I’ve got so many people come up to me to tell me I should be a trainer or ask if I am one and I’ve always considered it. I really want to consider it being a side hustle and see where it takes me.

  17. Average Guys Entertainment

    Big facts third year as a CPT and a lot of what you guys say is how I always viewed my job. Yea I might not be a millionaire but I get more excited to train than I do clocking in for a normal job.

  18. Evan Scott

    Ok, you're not going to get rich. Realistically though, what could a decent trainer expect to bring home per year? Just ballpark.

  19. Asher Ray

    What about the stereotype of trainers always fucking their married clients?

  20. Brandon

    Been debating about becoming a personal trainer and this just made me decide. Thank you

  21. --

    Shouldn’t your job be making sure they’re focused on training and not answering questions about ‘science’ lol

  22. Yaboii J

    I’ve heard online training gives you more freedom and more potential for financial success than in person. Think that’s true?

  23. ES

    You guys miss the point here…with a good marketing strategies you can be wealthy.

  24. Shirley Valente

    Love how the first comment is ‘you can’t get rich’! 😂 being passionate about fitness doesn’t mean you’ll be passionate about training people, two very different things.

  25. Trolling Entertainment

    I'm not driven by money. I don't have kids. me and my girl both don't want em lol. Thank god shes pushing me to do this and most importantly of all, Im driven by fitness I needed to hear this thank you.


  26. RunDCM

    Try taking a vacation being a personal trainer. Nobody is paying you for that week off. It's not a good career but good springboard to physical therapy.

  27. Anesi Fano

    Do a podcast on intimate or starting to get intimate relationships with clients lol

  28. marsandfruit

    I’m 24 and am getting certified to become a personal trainer. Then I’m doing a program that helps underdeveloped communities while doing this 😃

  29. XXLRebel

    If you're working 8 sessions a day and work a full time job personal training + charge really low you're still making 8k a month(5 days a week x 4 weeks x 8 hours x $50 an hour). That's if you're a very cheap personal trainer. How would that be a low paying job?😅

  30. MightyJoeYoung 501st

    I’m in the same boat. I got into law enforcement and been an officer for 5 years now. It’s stressful most of the times but I can handle the stress, the thing that stops me is that I only did this career because both my parents(my mom now retired) and my older brother are officers and i signed up thinking I didn’t have anything else to do or this was expected of me but now I don’t enjoy work anymore especially in today’s world. The times I am truly happy and get excited is when I know I’m going to the gym in the morning after I get off work, I fell in love with weight training after I got out of high school and to this day it’s still the best thing that I love to do. I want to get out of law enforcement and start a career that I actual love and enjoy🙌

  31. Hustle Allday

    I’m 24 I got into a trade (gas technician) don’t enjoy it one bit the only time I’m happy is when I’m in the gym I’m thinking of dropping everything and going for a career in fitness (personal trainer/nutrition)

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