Orangetheory Fitness Dri-Tri Walkthrough

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Challenging yourself in the Orangetheory Dri-Tri? Come watch what’s in store and brush up on both what to do and what NOT to do before the day comes!

10 Orangetheory HACKS that you may not know! 🤯 Did I miss any?
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  1. The Guy From Walgreens

    I’d love to watch a video full of coaches going at it to see who’s the best.

  2. Dapper C

    Taller people have an advantage on the rowers so ditch the cushions on the bench for the squats

  3. joel colon

    I wish we did "burpees" like that at my box…lol…chest to deck at my gym…

  4. Chris Paraskeva

    Hey! Je développe un concept en ligne sport et nutrition 💪
    J'aide les personnes à atteindre leur objectif sportif ou silhouette.
    Je cherche également des personnes qui désirent rejoindre la team de développement.
    N'hésitez pas à prendre contacte avec moi.

  5. einahpets humphrey

    My family lives up in the area…if I wanted to visit a studio on my next trip up what's the best way to do that. I am an unlimited member in NJ. And had a great time doing the dry-tri last weekend at our studio.

  6. Pam Caddell

    Thanks for the video. I appreciate the explanations and tips

  7. Christi A

    doing this for the first time on saturday 😀

  8. Fine Natural Hair ROCKS

    I love this so much! Thank you for posting your thoughts on OrangeTheory after a year + of going to their classes. I'm currently in my second week of OTF during my introductory month and I really love it! My goal is to finish strong for 2022 so that I can enter 2023 with a different New Years resolution other than just "Lose Weight/Exercise More" yet again! 😂

  9. Yujin Oh

    Incognito recovery breaks….. LMFAO!!

  10. jessica hendrix

    🤣 100% recover in your car. Did my 1st work out yesterday and threw up in the car! Tomorrow is round 2. Lawd help me! Gonna use that exhausted fitness person tip for sure lol

  11. William Lowder

    Oh man, that last hack was worth the wait! Great video.

  12. Jammin' Nails with April

    Fantastic information; thank you so much!

  13. Tish_Ferguson

    I just joined OTF and I completed my second workout today. This was such a good video. Thank you for all of this information.

  14. Tiffany Nguyen

    The incognito recovery tip was solid and made me LOL. Enjoying your real, inspiring videos!

  15. Joey Watkins

    If there’s a more entertaining dude on YouTube, I haven’t seen him. How does he not have 1M subs?

  16. Lorena

    Omg, this video is great!! Love your sense of humor, and so so true. I’m definitely one of those HRM analyzers 🤣

  17. Diana Ethaiya

    😂😂😂😂 I never used to sit in my car like this but man OT changed me 😅

  18. Lemon Lindsay

    Son of a bitch. God I miss the studio. 🧡🖤

  19. Rachel Carter

    The first day I week I did OTF I literally sat in my car for 30 minutes after my workouts… you know it all 😂😂

  20. Kate Champion

    Oh, there are plenty of people who “see” you 😉

  21. Anthony Graham

    is this the guy off of the Dan Lebatard show.

  22. Mallory Musallam

    The incognito break is my go-to at 7 months prego

  23. Shannon Gillespie

    🤣The acting 🎭 tips smh 🤣

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