OneTouch Verio Blood Glucose Meter Review

OneTouch Verio Blood Glucose Meter Review
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The Verio has a really clean design to its display and it’s to navigate to find the results log, averages and review any patterns the meter has picked up.

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There are lots of things we love about this meter:

• It’s well designed and compact
• It has a colour screen
• It’s simple to navigate and use
• And – it actively keeps you updated on how you’re doing

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Where's My Bloodless Blood Sugar Monitor?

There are about 450 million diabetics around the world, and while we do already have a reliable way of measuring blood sugar, it requires patients to prick their finger each time they want a reading. Is there a better way?

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Image Sources:—a-woman-takes-a-measurement-with-a-glucose-meter-at-home-h1mpjcln7jnwj14nv—a-woman-takes-a-blood-sample-with-a-lancet-and-measures-blood-sugar-levels-with-a-glucose-meter-at-home-bae3v3p3xjo4a8v0h

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  1. aureli bm

    My meter is showing error 1. What should I do?

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  3. Christopher Harley

    How to reset it and erase the memory

  4. Simon Bilusa

    Mon appareil affiche de contacter le service client, alors que j habite dans la ville de Lubumbashi en rdcongo. Comment pourrais je faire ?

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  9. Amaranth

    I can't open the meter to change the "blinking" batteries. Grrrrrrr now what?

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  14. king_ Jeet_001

    In this machine meter error problem show…. please Help me…How to solve this problem

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  18. Neeta Kamboj

    Thank you for the clear explanation. Much needed. We have the same machine for my mother in law.

  19. G1 EXPERT

    What about using ir light to measure blood glucose
    We need smart watches that can be used to monitor your blood glucose levels

  20. Brandi Mills

    I wish the CGM's weren't so expensive!

  21. Ethan Dsouza

    My blucon is a perfect bloodless sugar monitor for me. It helps me to manage my diabetes by letting me know my sugar status 24 hours round the clock. It displays sugar trends, gives alarms, It saves all readings for me in history..i can share my data with doctor anytime from anywhere. it helps me regulate my diet after seeing real time results

  22. Alan Boo

    I use ambrosia's blucon nightrider and without pricking or scanning it tells me every 5 minutes readings. i have alarms for high and low sugar also with blucon

  23. Shreya Rastogi

    Thanks for sharing, I am using the FreeStyle Libre Pro sensor with Ambrosia BluCon device in India. I get glucose readings on my phone and watch every time. Also, their Linkblucon app tracks how exercise, food, insulin impacts my blood glucose values. BluCon helps me a lot with my diabetes.

  24. Colonel Banana

    Slather that saliva all day. No pain all gain.

  25. Jullie Thomas

    Thanks for the video, I am using Freestyle Libre sensor with Ambrosia Blucon and check the glucose values on my phone directly without scanning the sensor and reader. Also, the app gives me updates with voice alerts when my glucose values go down.

  26. boatman222345

    While I don't doubt that the intent was positive in creating this video the comments about current finger stick monitors was so over simplistic as to be dangerously misleading. I've been testing my blood glucose 8 or more times a day via finger stick monitoring for more forty years and I can assure you that current meters are often off by as much as 30+ %. For those foolish enough to think that keeping their blood sugar between 80 and 250 mg/dl is okay a 30% +/- error may not seem like a big deal. But for those attempting to keep their blood sugar in a healthy range of say 80 to 110 mg/dl a 30% error can cause serious mistakes in insulin dosage, particularly when taking extra postprandial (after meal) insulin to correct high blood glucose. As far as current Continuous Glucose Monitoring systems, they are both very expensive to use and sorely lacking in accuracy. Worse yet they depend upon admittedly inaccurate finger stick meters as a check on accuracy. As I recently wrote in a piece on CGM systems using an inaccurate finger stick meter to evaluate the accuracy of an even more imprecise measuring device like a CGM system is a bit like using the odometer in your neighbor's car to measure the distance between Boston and San Francisco to check the distance recorded by the odometer in your own car. To whit which one is more accurate?

  27. Mia jones

    Blucon measures every 5 minute blood glucose without me pricking myself and shows me on my mobile screen. I use Blucon with libre sensor for my diabetes management

  28. Flora Dean

    I am using Abbott's FreeStyle Libre with Ambrosia's blucon and can get my glucose readings on my apple watch even without the phone. I can share readings with upto 5 people in almost real-time. Can get alarms and my loved one can also get an alarm if my glucose is out of range.

  29. Mira Shah

    I could not find anything more reliable than FreeStyle Lire with the NightRider, if readings are off I am able to calibrate and have readings updates every 5 minutes, alarms for out of range, fast rise, fast fall etc.., and also can share readings

  30. Richa Kamra

    For monitoring glucose values, I am using the FreeStyle Libre Pro sensor with Ambrosia BluCon device in India. I get glucose readings on my phone and watch every time. The app shows how exercise, food, insulin impacts our blood glucose values. BluCon helps me a lot with my diabetes.

  31. atty garland

    I'm no biomedical scientist, but once I had heard that intraocular pressure (the fluid inside the eye) varies with blood glucose levels, causing a miniscule change in eye shape/size, I wondered if it might be possible to make a gizmo that you could "cup" to your eye (kind of like those things jewelers use to examine jewels under high magnification) that would emit a pulse from a weak/harmless laser beam designed to pass through the opening of the eye, strike the retina, and reflect back to the gizmo. This would be a way to very precisely measure the distance between the surface of the eye and the retina, and hence the size of the eye along that axis. Assuming an accurate algorithmic formula could be developed that correlates that distance to blood glucose levels, seems it would work. ?

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  33. Claire P

    A non-stick method would be a real life saver for parents of young kids with type one. Have you ever tried to stick your kid multiple times a day? How about changing an insulin pump or continuous monitor that requires a little needle entering their body? It's pretty traumatic for a 5 or 6 year old, can take an hour of pleading and screaming fits. Something non invasive would really help!

  34. Shaunon Fernandes

    What is the latest position of wireless blood testing with Lazer

  35. Mohit Bansal

    I use Ambrosia blucon from last 6 months and check my glucose values on phone every 5 minutes is helping me to monitor my glucose levels. I tried connected it with my android watch and working great. Being a sports person carrying my phone is not possible when I'm on ground. Blucon has fulfilled my purpose. I recommended to many diabetic people and all are satisfied with the performance of Blucon.

  36. Eles John

    I bought Waterproof Nightrider BluCon a couple of months back and libre sensor to see readings on my Apple Watch. A great product to use. According to me, every diabetic person should have one.

  37. Connor Ernsperger

    I have a CGM, so i don't have to prick my finger as much, but it still sucks to have to wear. Also, one time when I put it on the needle must have hit a vein or something because I started bleeding. A lot.

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