Omicron makes the job of healthcare workers even more demanding | COVID-19 Special

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Nurses are on the front line in the battle against the pandemic. The new omicron variant is a much more infectious form of coronavirus and it’s making the job of health care workers even more demanding. And they are at risk of infection every day.


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Millions of Americans have no health insurance and live in fear that one illness could bankrupt them. Even though the U.S. spends far more on health care than other wealthy nations, Americans die of preventable diseases at greater rates. The PBS NewsHour special, “Critical Care: America vs the World,” examines how four other nations achieve universal care for less money, with better outcomes.

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  1. DW News

    As always, we'd love to include your questions in our upcoming shows! What would you like to know about the coronavirus pandemic? #askDerrick

  2. Θάνος Κολωνιας

    I would tell a covid joke, but if you are under 60, there are 99,7% you won't get it

  3. Lake County Naturalist

    Nurses are the frontline workers in this crisis. Why doesn't the CDC consult them when making COVID policy??? 👊Respect to all of you in scrubs!

  4. Kane Moroney

    My entire life, the health care industry has been nothing but a disappointment and only getting worse. Covid has nothing to do with the lack of funding/ infrastructure that our politicians fail to act on

  5. A A

    Who will make money from this pandemic scam?

  6. galleon30000

    .This whole thing has been the greatest global IQ test in history, and humanity horrifically failed by showing just how easy they are to manipulate and control.

  7. Jo Smith

    If you study the British and South Africa omicron stats, you’d find omicron patients have more mild disease, hospitalizations are flat or slowly decreasing and deaths are decreasing faster. Those who are hospitalized are staying about three days. In fact, many of the omicron variant hospitalization numbers appear to be incidental. This means it’s being detected in people who went to the hospital for treatments for something other than covid. A Hong Kong study about omicron found the variant replicates the fastest in the bronchial tubes than in the lungs, leading to bronchitis in some. It is much more easily treated and tolerated than viral infections in the lungs, like with the prior variants. Dr John Campbell’s channel brilliantly breaks this all down.

  8. Go Green

    Not only the health care workers.

  9. jon wilmot

    Not according to the data coming out south Africa. hospitalization are going down significantly. With each new variant covid becomes more infections but less deadly. How close to 0 deaths or hospitalization do we need to get to before we can move on as a civilization.

  10. mario 00mario

    Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, the Life. No one comes to the Father except through Him. There is no other intermediary. May Jesus Bless you, trust Him, give your life – and He will take care of it. Christ's Coming Is Near. Don't wait, come back while you still have time.

  11. Sakina’s Travel Diary

    The Kerala nurses want to go to Europe 😂

  12. Ross Gillett

    If they can’t handle their jobs then they shouldn’t be doing those jobs. Quite whining about what you get paid to do and just do it.

  13. AP

    Isn't this what a nurse does?? 🤔🤔🤔

  14. Jesmond Mifsud

    Dear healthcare workers, no I will not thank you for doing your job. I'm not an "essential worker" but I have often given more than 100% to give a service and to get paid for it. Life is not always easy, sometimes we have to sweat blood and tears to get food on our table and to provide for our community and our family. I was never given any preferential treatment when I worked long hours of overtime. I do my job because I love it and it is rewarding in more ways than one. I chose my profession because I have a passion for it and I understand that many times it's going to be challenging. No one ever clapped in the balcony for me and I'm not going to do that for anyone else just because they're doing the job they're supposed to be doing. What angers me to the core is how you are expecting everyone else to give up our careers, to end up on wage-supplements, to have our businesses and the future of our families ruined because of you. While you continue to do your job, millions of people have lost theirs. Show some respect and humility. I've had enough of this narrative. It's been two years, give it a break and try to show some empathy towards others. You think you've had a difficult 2 years? Tell that to the people who were forced into social isolation, who had everything they worked for taken away from them, those who committed suicide because they were unable to accommodate your demands. No, I will not thank you for doing your job, and neither should anyone else.

  15. Felipe Ranieri

    I don't like the way some scientists and doctors have been promptly stating that omicron is "less severe" by looking at some partial South Africa data back a few weeks ago. We don't have the clear picture yet and such statements encourage people to further relax social distancing and the mask usage. Then they'll come up panicking everybody and urging for hard lockdowns and severe measures as we did back at beginning.

  16. Ann L

    Why’s that people so selfish not thinking about the health care workers?

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